Facial ignorance. ” I did not recognize you ! “

Bruno Frappat’s chronicle “Facial ignorance” pleased me (The cross October 16). Despite our masks that prevent us from saying “This face is not unknown to me”, we can still say “This look is not unknown to me”. But the gaze that looks must be attentive. I had the demonstration a few days ago at the Cité Saint-Pierre du Secours Catholique, on the heights of Lourdes. I was seated, alone on a bench under the screen in front of the reception, sheltered from the heavy rain. A young person (under 50) said to me, stopping in front of me “Hello Guy! ” Until that moment he had only been a person hidden behind his mask with a cap on his head. At this voice that made me jump, I immediately recognized Arnaud. More than fifteen years ago, we worked together at the Secours Catholique delegation in Val-de-Marne, for which I had been responsible. “But how did you recognize me behind my mask and under my hat?” ” Smiling, he replied: “There is something in your eyes that told me it was you. ” Yes the look! The look that sometimes says more, much longer than the rest of the body. Arnaud kept this attention that I may have lost a bit now despite a certain practice that must have been mine. I hadn’t recognized him! (…)

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