Faced with the pandemic, do no harm first

“Primuum non nocere”, first of all do no harm, is a medical adage included in the Hippocratic oath pronounced by every doctor at the dawn of his exercise. Due to the recent and extraordinary development of exploration techniques and the therapeutic range made available to contemporary physicians, it is all the more imperative to tirelessly recall this adage.

The risk of drifting towards unreasonable obstinacy and therapeutic relentlessness is equal to the development of these means. For a year with the emergence of the health crisis, we have been witnessing all over the planet as docile and complicit citizens, dazed and unconscious, a new form of therapeutic relentlessness, new by its collective and ubiquitous dimension. We are also witnessing the emergence of a new form of dictatorship, new by the fact that it does not emanate from the political while subjugating it, new by the fact that nowhere in the world does it generate counter -power.

The imprecise border between acute and palliative care,

At the patient level, the discovery of a serious disease often justifies, in the initial ignorance of the particular prognosis, to implement urgent investigations and heavy treatments regardless of their side effects. In the absence of a cure obtained or possible and outside the framework of the emergency, the continuation of “aggressive” care must be constantly reconsidered, especially when the evolution shows that the expected benefit is minimal and that it generates a deterioration. major in the patient’s quality of life, due to side effects, remembering that this continuation can also precipitate death.

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This is where the art of the doctor is difficult, when it comes to determining the always imprecise border between acute and palliative care, especially since the latter are sometimes complementary and simultaneous. In addition to the extension of the means made available to it, medical discernment on this border is made perilous by the fragmentation of the body and the patient’s history which results from the multiplication of medical actors. The assimilation of death to an injustice, a failure, by physicians as well as patients, is often a source of unreasonable stubbornness for the patient.

We are no longer in a hurry or in ignorance

At the collective level, the emergence a year ago of an unprecedented health crisis undoubtedly justified the taking of drastic measures to try to contain this pandemic in the absence of being able to overcome it: hence the radical and violent containment of the spring. 2020 and the dissemination of barrier gestures, decreed by the government under the aegis of the scientific community. A year later, we are no longer in a hurry or in ignorance.

The continuation sine die of these measures or of its variations advised or even dictated by the doctors, formalized by the authorities, and orchestrated by the media, constitutes an unreasonable obstinacy. The expected benefit of these measures in the final assessment of this pandemic is uncertain. The very duration is uncertain: at the beginning of 2021 we are told about the continuation of the pandemic in 2022 despite the vaccine, and we know that others will follow.

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Unreasonable stubbornness because despite timid adjustments to these measures, the side effects are major and undoubtedly greater than their hypothetical benefit. They concern all populations and will affect them for many years after their suspension: the elderly and / or vulnerable suffer and die more from loneliness than from Covid; young people penalized in the course of their studies and access to the world of work, have the feeling of being sacrificed on the altar of a declining civilization and of being victims of an injustice which will make them weary in the long term reimbursement of the economic cost of these measures; the social network provided by associations, the cultural world, the world of work, the world of leisure has been broken down; the individual is permanently conditioned from the nursery to the Ephad, to be wary of his neighbor, of his fellow man, to gag himself, to restrict his communication to Orwellian social networks; and worst of all, although aware of this suffering, he hesitates to express it, for fear of being considered irresponsible and potentially guilty of the prolongation of the pandemic if he dares to denounce all of these “barrier measures” or even to transgress them.

Medical dictatorship?

We are witnessing the establishment of a new form of dictatorship that obeys medical and non-political dogmas, executed by politicians and orchestrated by the media with eager zeal. We are indeed confronted with “a group of people who has absolute power, maintains it and exercises it in an authoritarian and arbitrary manner, in the name of the good and the future of the community and of the individual”.

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Today, faced with this medical, morbid and deadly dictatorship, with its implicit drift towards unreasonable obstinacy, it becomes urgent to resist. The sinister political dictatorships of the 20th century claimed to bring progress, security, happiness and the wealth which of a people which of a nation at the cost of the freedom of the person. They essentially carried within them the germ of their inevitable fall, a fall accelerated by the intervention of democracies.

Accept with humility

The medical world has claimed for several decades to teach us who should and how to be born and die. Faced with the universal medical dictatorship of the 21st century which now claims to teach us and impose on us how to live, the welcome vaccine seems to be a very ridiculous weapon. Faced with this obscurantism which quickly made the accusation of being a victim of “conspiracy theories” any intellectual or ordinary citizen who calls for a real reflection on what is at stake in this health crisis and its management, there is undoubtedly a civil disobedience to be invented. It remains for us to accept with humility and humanity that, whatever our pretensions and our fantasies, we will never overcome disease, old age and death. Therein lies our unstoppable weapon in the face of this new dictatorship.


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