Facebook is subject to a functional racism investigation

Reports revealed that the “Facebook” social networking company is under investigation, regarding the possibility of “systematic” racism in appointments and job promotions within its corridors. Reuters reported that the American Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (EEOC) began an investigation with Facebook about these accusations, after the director of programs within the company, Oscar Finesi, and 4 candidates presented the social network with discrimination against applicants and black employees, through its assessments. Subjectivity and its push by racial stereotypes.

The complaint

“Reuters” indicated that three of them filed the complaint against “Facebook” last July, while the fourth joined them in December. The American Committee for Equal Employment Opportunities during the past four months has received only briefings on both sides of the story. Among the disputed policies in the complaint are the employment-related “bonuses”. Facebook grants up to $ 5,000 in bonuses if a candidate is hired, but these referrals tend to reflect the demographics of current employees and the harm to black applicants (who make up 3.9 % Of US employees as of June). There are no guarantees that the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s investigation will lead to formal action. It refused to comment on the Reuters report, but Facebook said it takes discrimination charges “seriously” and investigates “every case”.


It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the recruitment system within Facebook has been attacked. In 2017 a report by the American “Bloomberg” agency indicated that few of its executives usually make final hiring decisions and tend to use metrics that favor culturally similar candidates. With them, such as people approved by current employees or those who have attended certain schools.


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