Facebook is developing Swara to benefit the nervous system

Provided a company Facebook Today is a first look at a prototype wristband controller that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and input from the wearer’s nervous system to interact with virtual reality and augmented reality environments. And the prototype of the AR console provides simple, gesture-based input the equivalent of clicking a button.

This enables applications such as virtual bow and arrow release, and with wrist-based touch the device can approximate the sensation of pulling the bow chain backward.

Facebook researchers say: The wearable augmented reality console will someday provide more advanced capabilities, such as the ability to touch virtual interfaces and objects and capture virtual objects remotely.

Ultimately, the technology allows you to type on a virtual keyboard on a table or on your lap at a faster speed than is possible with a physical keyboard.

“When neural interfaces work properly, they feel like magic,” says Thomas Reardon, director of motor neuron interfaces at Facebook Reality Labs. The Reality Labs team is also working on developing a context aware AI-powered interface for the augmented reality glasses.


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