Facebook exempts characters from moderation rules

A program developed by (Facebook) allows some celebrities, political officials and well-known Internet users not to be subject to the same rules about moderating content as other users, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The economic newspaper confirmed, based on internal company documents, that the program called “Cross Check” or “X-Check” does not apply the same monitoring methods to messages published on the accounts of these important personalities on Facebook and Instagram compared to regular account holders.

The program had about 5.8 million subscribers in 2020. Some of these are exempt from the rules, while others can post messages that theoretically violate the guidelines while waiting for a Facebook employee to see them.

And company spokesman Andy Stone commented in a series of tweets, saying that this does not mean that there are two separate “justice systems”.

He stressed that the owners of some pages or accounts are subject to additional audits to ensure that the rules are applied in an appropriate manner and to “avoid mistakes.” “We realize that enforcement of the rules is not perfect and that compromises are made to reconcile speed and accuracy,” he said.


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