Fabien Galthié can savor the relaunch of the Blues

A hint of disappointment? Frankly, who would want to quibble about the fact that the 2020 VI Nations Tournament finally escapes the Blues and returns to the English? The matches of this Saturday, October 31 delivered their verdict, and the XV of the Rose winner of Italy (34-5) won the bet, despite the success of the XV of France in the evening against Ireland (35 -27): France and England total 18 points in the standings, but the goal-average is favorable to the valiant from across the Channel.

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The best result in the Tournament since 2011

For the Blues, the essential is elsewhere: it is their best result in the event since 2011. Here they are now in fourth place in the world ranking! Who would have bet on this recovery a year ago, punctuated by a rehabilitation of the famous “French flair”, this creative inspiration which allows the best defenses to turn around. In this Tournament, the Blues have planted 17 tries, thank you for the show.

The credit goes to the players, but the tandem in the maneuver is obviously not for nothing in the matter. Coach Fabien Galthié and manager Raphaël Ibanez can savor the success of this first step in their winning project. A project exhibited last winter, with managerial formulas that were sometimes a bit esoteric, where it was a question of unreserved support, work and self-sacrifice, but also initiatives and pleasure.

Fabien Galthié wanted above all to win and ” win fast », To boost the morale of a team undermined by lack of confidence. The inaugural success against England (24-17) has, in fact, started the adventure on the right track. And the failure a few weeks later in Scotland (17-28) did not break the good momentum. A novelty for the XV of France.

12 out of 15 players lined up for the last six games

This is not the slightest merit of the coach: Fabien Galthier knows where he wants to go, and he sticks to it. With twelve players out of fifteen lined up over the last six games – a consistency not seen since 1995 – he was able to play the stability of the workforce, a pledge of significant automation. So of course, all is not perfect, and Fabien Galthié can get annoyed by the excess of enthusiasm of these young gladiators: more than ten faults on average per match (14 again against Ireland), a ratio incompatible with the ‘Excellency. But in one year, Fabien Galthié managed to re-mobilize his world, to allow the collective to find a conquering power. It is not nothing, this promise of a bright possible future. “This is only the beginning of the story”, warns Fabien Galthié. We do want to believe it.


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