External storage is a solution to filling up your phone’s memory

The German telecommunications portal, Tiltarif.D, indicated that modern smartphones no longer include an external memory card slot, so it advised the user, who is facing storage problems by relying on external storage units, explaining that it includes all types of memory, which comes in the form of hard disks SSDs, flash drives, or readers that connect to a smartphone via Micro-USB, USB-C, or Lightning ports.

Cloud storage

The user may need an adapter if he is unable to connect the memory unit to the smartphone directly. Often the memory unit connected to the smartphone appears in the file manager application under the name of “External Storage”.

The German portal added that external storage also means the possibilities of using cloud storage services on the web, and this solution is more practical in most cases; Since smart phones contain storage media that cannot be practically transferred, the exception is interconnection solutions such as hard drives or memory card readers connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Specific storage capacity

There is a cloud memory with a specific storage capacity in almost all smart phones and e-mail accounts, and the user can get more storage capacity for additional costs without any problems, and there are a lot of cloud storage services on the web.

And the user, who is concerned with the issue of privacy and data protection, must choose services that the server is based in the European Union countries, or set up his web memory on a private or rented server, and in this case can rely on free and open source file hosting solutions such as Owncloud or Nextcloud The user can access his web memory through applications, which work easily on all operating systems.


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