Experts reveal the reason for the loss of the Chinese and American missiles

Specialists revealed that the most prominent reason for the large number of rocket crashes in space in recent years, specifically this year, is the adoption by a number of private companies to carry out these tasks away from the major space agencies, which led to more space accidents and the loss of control in some flights, which increased the quantities of space debris. .

According to TechCrunch, a technology news site, the Rocket Lab missile, called Electron, which carries two commercial satellites, failed to reach orbit just minutes after take-off. The launch failure occurred less than three minutes after launch from Rocket’s Launch Complex 1. Lab in the Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand, after two electron phases separated, two Earth observation satellites were lost.

A camera mounted on the missile’s upper stage showed the phase separation after two minutes and 35 seconds of flight, followed by what appeared to be a short ignition and sharp sideways movement.

Rocket Lab confirmed the loss of telemetry from the missile four minutes after takeoff, and today’s launch failure came on the heels of a failed launch in July 2020, which the company is tracing to a faulty electrical connection.

Rocket Lab’s first electron launch in 2017 also failed to reach orbit due to a telemetry problem, but aside from those flights, the company has seen 18 successful launches.


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