Experts: App crashes are becoming more and more troublesome

While applications have been subjected to sudden crashes during the past 24 hours, experts have indicated that the outages have become more frequent and disordered, as the (Telegram) and (Snapchat) applications recorded widespread unexpected failures in various countries of the world, many of their users were unable to access their accounts in general.

small networks

“One of the things we’ve seen in the past several years is the increasing reliance on a small number of networks and companies to deliver large chunks of Internet content, and when one or more of those have a problem it doesn’t affect the number of networks and companies that provide large amounts of Internet content,” says Luke Dirks, chief technology officer at Down Detector. Not only them, but also hundreds of thousands of other services.”

Dirks and his team at Down Detector monitor web services and websites for any glitches. “The widespread outages affecting key services are becoming more frequent and dangerous, and when Facebook has a problem, it has a huge impact on the internet but also on the economy,” he says. ..».

At some point, during a major outage, people fear the disruption could be caused by some kind of cyber attack, but experts often speculate that it’s due to a milder case of human error, which is exacerbated, they say, by the way it is done. It connects the Internet to a complex set of old and luxurious systems.

flexible internet

Internet scientist Professor Bill Buchanan agrees with this description: “The Internet is not the Distributed Wide Area Network that DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the original architects of the Internet tried to create, that could withstand a nuclear strike from any side.”

The protocols it uses are basically just the ones that were formulated when we connected mainframes from terminals, a single flaw in their basic infrastructure could disrupt everything on Earth, and he noted that improvements could be made to make the Internet more resilient, but many Network fundamentals exist to compete.

“Systems are public and you can’t just turn off certain Internet protocols for one day, to try and reshape them,” he says. Rather than trying to rebuild the systems and structure of the Internet, Professor Buchanan believes we need to improve the way we store and share data, or risk more outages. collective in the future.

One source

He added that the Internet has become very centralized, with so much data coming from a single source, and explains that this trend needs to be reversed with systems with multiple nodes, so that no single failure can stop the service from working.

He continued, “Although major internet outages affect the lives of users and businesses, ultimately they can also help improve the resilience of the internet and its related web services.”

Why does the internet keep crashing?

Connecting the Internet to a complex of old and luxurious systems.

Adopting a weak method of storing and sharing data.


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