Expertise houses to develop the goals and initiatives of the National Labor Observatory

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” decided to attract specialized expertise houses to provide advisory and technical services and activate the initiatives of the National Observatory to work in accordance with international regulations to ensure the success of its work and achieve its objectives. In work, the contract is being worked on through 4 phases (the first quarter) providing consulting services to improve the operational effectiveness of the observatory and providing support for the implementation of its strategies, (the second quarter) providing consulting services to build relationships with similar centers and observatories, and (the third quarter) providing advisory services on roles and responsibilities The new observatory according to the results of the transformation and vision and (the fourth quarter) to provide consulting services to prepare and build a statistical system for indicators, reports and studies of the labor market. The observatory’s studies focus on the reality of the labor market and improving productivity rates by paying attention to institutional training and the employee’s obtaining his full vacations so that he can continue The ministry plans to employ 340,000 citizens by 2024 in cooperation with various partners in the public and private sectors, while studies indicated that about 206,000 girls and women entered the labor market during the last four years.

Labor market

1.9 million Saudis are registered with insurances

8 million expatriates in the labor market

Employing 340 thousand in 3 years

206,000 girls entered the labor market in 4 years


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