Exhibitions that embody art in an innovative way

Many of those interested in writing and writing stories and drawing anime characters became famous by writing books and holding many virtual exhibitions, so that lovers of this art could see their work in high definition, and buy paintings.

Mango sauce

The founder of the virtual mango sauce exhibition, Saad Al-Mutham, stated that the idea of ​​the exhibition is based on publishing many drawings embodied in animals and writing short stories that discuss important social issues to reach the connoisseur in an innovative artistic way away from the traditional offer, through the use of a number of painters from inside and outside the Kingdom. With the support of the Fitrah platform, which is interested in providing and supporting Saudi artists in various artistic fields, the number of participants reached 56 male and female artists, and it contains 96 hand and digital paintings inspired by short stories.

Writing books

Al-Mutham added that a book with the same name as the exhibition “Mango Sauce” has been written that contains a large number of drawings and influential short stories, indicating that all these ideas came through his acquaintance with many magazines and books on virtual art exhibition since childhood. Which is considered one of the international arts in the way of presentation and writing. The painter Asrar Al-Qarni pointed out that participating in the exhibition is a new and innovative idea, and it was a great challenge by reading many stories and drawing drawings that simulate the story in a brief and deep way targeting all ages.


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