Execution of a seventy who poisoned 4 men to inherit them

An elderly Japanese woman faced the death penalty for poisoning 3 of her accomplices and trying to kill the fourth in order to obtain an inheritance, after losing her last chance to appeal to the court.

CNN reported. that. In» that Ms. Chisaku Kakehi, who is currently 74 years old, was convicted of killing 3 men with a poisonous substance, while the fourth escaped death.

Black Widow

The network added that the Osaka Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for Kakei, who became known as the “Black Widow”, after she used cyanide poison to kill her wealthy, elderly romantic partners, in order to obtain an inheritance.

In the ruling, the judge said: “She used a marriage agency to identify the elderly victims, to poison them one by one, after having made them trust her. It is a relentless crime based on clear and strong intent to kill.”

The serial killer managed to raise about 1 billion Japanese yen (about 8.8 million US dollars) in 10 years, but later lost most of that fortune to speculation in the financial markets.

Her first marriage lasted 25 years until her partner died in 1994. By 2007, she had entered into a relationship with a 78-year-old man, Toshiaki Suhiro.

in supplements

In December 2007, Kakee had lunch with Sohiro and his children, and here the murderous wife took advantage of her husband taking nutritional supplement capsules with food to put cyanide in one of them.

Less than 15 minutes after lunch, Sohiro fell unconscious, and when the ambulance arrived he was panting, his breath on the verge of stopping, court records said.

Kakehi escorted her husband Suhiro to the hospital, but gave herself an alias when she spoke to the ambulance crew at the hospital, where doctors found that the old man was about to die, after suffering from suffocation.

Court records indicated that “Suhiro” was the only survivor of Kakei’s four victims, but that he “suffered from incurable dysfunction and poor eyesight, and died after a year and a half of an unrelated illness.”

second man

A few years after that incident, in 2011, the “Black Widow” met Mayuzer Honda, who was 71 years old.

In March 2012, after the two were walking around a store, they went their separate ways.

At about 5 pm that day, the man lost consciousness while riding a motorbike, only to be declared dead by the hospital he was treated to two hours later. It appears that the Black Widow poisoned him in a food or drink that day.

The third man, Minoru Hyuki, is 75 years old, and he had recovered from lung cancer before he met Kakei, and fell in love with her in July 2013.

By August of that year, Hyouki sent Kakei an email that he wanted to “stay with her forever”, and they became close.

But that relationship ended on September 20, when the couple went out to dinner in a restaurant, and here, too, Kakhi took advantage that her old friend was taking health supplements in capsules to poison him in one of them.

And before they finished their meal, he had lost consciousness, and when the ambulance arrived, he was panting and breathing hard, and although he had children, the “Black Widow” told the paramedics that he was alone and suffering from cancer, and when they offered her permission to give him electrical resuscitation, she refused, under the pretext of fear. He died two hours after arriving at the hospital.

In November 2013, just two months after Hyuki’s death, Kakei had dated her latest victim, Iso Kaekhi, but within a month of their marriage, the serial killer was secretly dating another man.

It seems that the husband, Isu, was no more fortunate than his predecessors, as his heart stopped shortly after dinner at home with his new wife, who called an ambulance, but died an hour after arriving at the hospital.


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