Euro 2021 football: strong like the Turks of LOSC

The soldiers of Hadopi, the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet, responsible for tracking down Internet pirates, will have work in the north of France, this Wednesday, June 16. A lot of LOSC supporters will undoubtedly try to follow the Wales-Turkey match at 6 p.m., without being subscribed to the encrypted BeIN Sports channel.

It is that one does not joke with the Turkish football in a region which adopted three players of this country having played a big role in the title of champion of France of Lille: Burak Yilmaz, Mehmet Zeki Celik and Yusuf Yazici.

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Lille supporters, like members of the Turkish community in France, had to suffer on Friday June 11 in front of TF1, in clear this time, seeing these players curled up in defense to avoid being corrected too severely in front of Europe. soccer.

The three Lille have for once found themselves in the same zone of play, in defense, while two evolve in principle in front. Burak Yilmaz was one of the gunners in Ligue 1 this season and Yusuf Yazici is an attacking midfielder. Only defender Mehmet Zeki Celik was in his place on the left flank of a defense that quickly cracked under the blows of a very offensive Italy team.

They appreciate the political neutrality of French football

This defender was the first of the gang of three to have signed in the North, in 2018, to revive himself in an ambitious club after a start to his career bogged down in the Turkish second division. This is where the ex-sporting director of LOSC, Luis Campos, who shaped the French champion squad, came to get him. As he came to fish the other two who were also looking for a second wind. They were won over by the sporting project but also by the calm of Lille, which contrasts with the hustle and bustle of football in their native country.

The famous pass of arms last fall between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emmanuel Macron, the first having questioned the “mental health” of the second, had disturbed the serenity of the Lille Turks. But Burak Yilmaz, as explosive on the field as posed in an interview, had kicked intelligently in touch when he was questioned on the issue on the sidelines of a Ligue 1 match.

“I am very proud that the Turks love LOSC and continue to love it. It is an advantage for the follow-up of our team and a particular emotion ”, he had declared, satisfying with a sentence the three parties concerned, the French, the Turks of France and their compatriots remained in the country.

Open table with the families of Roubaix

The three players put Lille on the European map for the residents of the Bosphorus. They are particularly popular in Roubaix, thanks to Ibrahim Alci, the president of the Franco-Turkish associations in France. He particularly watches over two youngsters, because the Turks of Lille are not three but in reality five.

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The LOSC also hired Mustapha Kapi (18 years old), who arrived at the club in September 2020 from Galatasaray, and Ferhat Cogalan (18 years old), the most local of the gang, since he was born in Grande-Synthe, in the North.

No one can predict their long-term fate in the club now champion of France, whose future will be written in Turkish for a few more years, depending on current and future contracts. But Lille has become a popular destination for the best players and their agents are currently the seat of northern leaders.


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