Establishment of the first advisory board for vegetable and fruit traders in the Kingdom

An official source in the Jeddah Central Markets Company revealed to Al-Madina the establishment of the first advisory council for vegetable and fruit merchants in the Kingdom with the aim of developing and improving the service and keeping abreast of all developments and challenges and trying to address them quickly, similar to the developed central markets globally, such as the central market in San Francisco in America and the Adelaide market in Australia.

According to the managing director of the company, Jamil Ghaznavi, the advisory board, which will be held periodically, will be the first Saudi communication platform on the ground between the 377 merchants of fruit and vegetable products, and it will consist of 8 members, namely Jeddah Central Markets Company and 7 merchants representing onions, potatoes, dates, cardamom and imported products. And the national products, and the topics of the council’s sessions will include all topics related to wholesale and retail trade and everything that affects the final consumer in terms of improving and developing the service, in addition to discussing the legal controls related to the market and methods of their application and working to implement health laws and standards for products.

Ghaznavi added: The advisory council will be a qualitative leap in the history of the central markets in the Kingdom and the region, because it will contribute to the implementation of the current market charter and create a healthy dialogue environment that will bring the views of all parties closer and create a distinguished relationship that will be reflected in the future on the development and improvement of the Safa ring and contribute to creating job opportunities for Saudis.

Ghaznavi continued: The idea of ​​the council is not new and has already been applied in global central markets and has succeeded with distinction because it keeps pace with all developments and challenges and helps in forming a clear perception of market conditions, which helps to quickly identify, confront and address problems and work closely to raise the efficiency and development of the organization as a whole, and the council is an effective source In terms of gaining skills, networking, strategic advice, technical assistance, identifying opportunities and risks, and supplementing managerial knowledge and experience.

In a related context, merchants and members of the Fruits and Vegetables Committee in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the initiative to establish an advisory board, considering this a start to develop the current central market and affirming their full support for it.

Jabbar Al-Bishi, a member of the Fruit and Vegetable Traders Committee in the Jeddah Chamber, said that the establishment of the council will help improve the quality of service in the current market and address many problems and challenges. He added: Al-Safa Circle is in dire need of such initiatives, and we, as traders, are fully prepared to support all efforts to develop the Circle.

While a member of the Fruits and Vegetables Traders Committee in the Jeddah Chamber, Fahd Al-Ghamdi, described the establishment of the advisory council as a shift that will contribute to the development of the current central market and will have a major role in removing most of the obstacles because it will expand the circle of dialogue and bring closer the views between the merchants and the operating and developing company of Al-Safa Circle, which is unfortunately reflected. Positively the level of service provided to the end consumer.

For his part, Amer Al-Haider, a member of the Fruit Dealers Committee in the Jeddah Chamber, said that the presence of the council will add a great value to the market and provide a healthy atmosphere for dialogue that benefits most of the parties to the relationship, calling on everyone to intensify efforts to make the initiative a success.

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