Establishing a research library for the Palestinian issue

The King Abdulaziz Public Library has worked to form a unique research library that deals with the Palestinian issue, and the holy sites in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, containing thousands of books dealing with Palestine from various historical, economic, social, historical, geographical, religious and cultural dimensions, as well as a collection of rare books in international languages.

Since its inception, the library has been interested in the issue of Palestine and documenting the history of Jerusalem, and many conferences and seminars have been held, including: a symposium and a photo exhibition on Jerusalem in the year 1998 AD according to the context the library pursues to preserve the Arab and Islamic intellectual production in general, and the Palestinian in particular, as a prevailing approach for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which gave this matter Great interest since the era of the founder, King Abdulaziz, through all the kings of the Kingdom, until this prosperous era, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his faithful Crown Prince

Arab heritage and Islamic sanctities constitute a fundamental pillar of the library’s work. In the Palestinian issue, the library includes a large base of books, documents and maps. On the issue of Al-Aqsa, it has also issued a large illustrated book on all holy places, heritage sites, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which includes a large collection of rare documents and images entitled Aqsa ».

It includes through more than 360 photos all the details of the Al-Aqsa Mosque part by part, in terms of: its components, the date of its construction, and its contents, and it reviews its geographical location in Jerusalem, its historical presence and its religious importance to Muslims.

And through cooperation between the library and UNRWA, the UNRWA library network was launched. The King Abdulaziz Public Library, through the Unified Arab Index Center, provided technical capabilities for information specialists in the education program, as data for thousands of books and other knowledge vessels that formed the Palestinian library database were imported from the Arab Index. Consolidated format to be made available through the UNRWA electronic library network.

Among the rare books that the library owns, which constitute important sources and references for the Palestinian cause, is a book entitled: “The City of Jerusalem” written by: C. R. Conder, was published in London in the year 1909 AD and is located in 334 pages. The author provides a summary of historical, archaeological and exploratory research that is scattered across dozens of books, which were conducted in the second half of the nineteenth century and related to the history and archaeological buildings of the city of Jerusalem over four thousand years.

The library selects the first book printed and published in the English language on the city of Jerusalem, entitled “Pictorial Jerusalem,” prepared by Liz. C. Robinson, (London 1893) is 163 pages, and contains a number of photographs that the author selected from his collections of photographs that he had taken during his stay in Jerusalem.

The book “The Story of the United States’ Campaign to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea” by William Francis Leach, published in London in 1849 AD and contains 503 pages, includes an official report of this trip published in the year 1852 AD, and on this voyage William Leach made the first successful sailing on the Dead Sea Then, heading to Jordan from the Sea of ​​Galilee to the Dead Sea in the year 1848 AD, half of the voyage team traveled by land, and the other team sailed across the river, and boats had to be carried by land by camels from Aker to the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The book “Palestine .. Description and Photography” by J. Which. Franklin (London: JM Dent. New York: IB Dutton) issued in the year 1911AD, and includes 219 pages in addition to 91 pages of pictures and paintings, giving a panoramic description of Palestine, supported by the photographs that amounted to (376) photographs taken by the author during His stay in Jerusalem, and his wandering across the Palestinian lands in the north, south, east and west in the early twentieth century, where the book is an eyewitness account in which he mixed geography with history, archeology, and the social and religious life of the people of Palestine before the First World War (1914-1918 AD).

In John Theloton’s book entitled “Palestine .. Its Holy Sites” published in London in 1880 AD, and located in 428 pages, the author included his book with 350 engraved images, placing the geography of Palestine in a living relationship with its sacred history, and an integrated blending of the history and geography of Palestine.


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