Entertainment and Takamol are looking to train 30 leaders

The General Entertainment Authority held a meeting with Takamol Holding Company to discuss joint steps in developing the entertainment sector and activating the “Happiness Makers” initiative, through training and qualifying 30 Saudi leaders in the sector, within the framework of the Entertainment Leaders Program, one of the initiatives programs recently announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The General Authority for Entertainment Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh.

The meeting was attended by the CEO of the General Authority for Entertainment, Eng. Faisal Bafarat, his deputy for human capital development, Muhammad Al-Shehri, the Executive Vice President of the Employment and Empowerment Unit at Takamul Holding Company, Abeer Al-Hashemi, and the General Manager of the Empowerment Unit, Dr. Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed the work mechanism and proposed scenarios for implementing the Entertainment Leaders Program, which aims to send decision-makers from the level of executive leadership in the entertainment sector for quarterly training in the areas of leadership development, in cooperation with the best universities in this field and the leading international companies in the entertainment sector.

The Executive Vice President for Human Capital Development at the General Entertainment Authority, Muhammad Al-Shehri, said that the Entertainment Leaders Program will attract CEOs and middle management managers from various companies operating in the entertainment sector, explaining that it aims to attract 30 candidates based on several criteria, including personal, professional and scientific, to train and qualify them. Through intensive training and development programs lasting up to 6 months, in person and remotely, at the best international universities.

For his part, the Executive Vice President of the Employment and Empowerment Unit at Takamul Holding Company, Abeer Al Hashemi, said that Takamul has begun to explore ways of cooperation with the best international universities to train CEO candidates, as the Entertainment Leaders Program targets candidates from the private and public sectors.

The General Entertainment Authority had earlier launched the “Happiness Makers” initiative, which aims to qualify and train 100,000 people in its first phase, and includes several specialized programs directed at several segments, including leaders in the sector.


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