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Prof. BN Mishra

Today, every business is going to expand itself in the International market. It is the age of competition and everyone is trying to adopt the money-making technique. Companies that are aiming to expand and establish their business in a foreign country require candidates who are trained to deal with international scenarios and are also knowledgeable with the concepts and theories that can be helpful for business’ establishment. Getting into an international business development MBA program is a career-changing event that can increase your chance for promotions on the global front.

Course curriculum

The students are taught about the International Business Law & Ethics, Strategic Marketing & Branding, Intercultural Management & International Negotiation, Management of Innovation, International Partnerships and Mergers & Acquisition, Advanced Business Planning, Business Plan Jury Presentations, International Economics & Micro Markets etc. to develop your skills in international business creation.

Roles and Responsibilities

International Business Development Managers are expansion wizards who craft successful strategies for taking companies into new avenues to maximise the ROA.

  • They are responsible for monitoring the effective implementation of international business development activities.
  • They administer and develop initiatives to increase sales and market development activities and help analyze business strategies and develop improvement plans for the same to provide appropriate growth to the business.
  • They manage all development processes and ensure compliance with government policies and regulations.
  • Assist businesses to identify opportunities and develop strategic plans to enhance the same.
  • Manage customer / client communication and maintain an effective relationship with all.
  • Prepare and implement various capture methods for business development.
  • Review competitor plans and the effect of products and services in management. Maintain all communication with Director.
  • Evaluate market trends and provide appropriate support to product development.

Skills required

There are certain skills that many international business development managers have in order to accomplish their responsibilities like analytical skills, leadership skills, creativity, Business Development, Market Research, Logistics, New Customers, Sales Goals, planning expansion, Intercultural competence etc.

Career and Scope

Career options after this course are increasing rapidly. After completing this degree, you can join various enterprises or firms anywhere. Some of the top recruiting companies that hire MBA in international business professionals include HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, Amazon, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Google, Axis Bank, IBM, Accenture, Cognizant, and WIPRO.

Apart from global companies that contend on international markets, for example, airlines and chain, graduates of international business MBA restaurants program frequently find careers within non-profit organizations, government agencies, and banking.


The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree minimum of 3 three years duration in any of the disciplines & should have scored at 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

You can join this course after completing your UG degree in BTech / BArch, medical, arts, humanities and science.

For this course, you have to clear the entrance exam + GD (Group Discussion) + PI (Personal Interview).

There is no age limit to apply for this course.

Candidates appearing for a qualifying examination can apply only if they submit the proof of required qualification before the commencement of the session.


This field offers good opportunity to earn handsome salaries. A postgraduate in international business development from a reputed institution can get the initial salary offered range from Rs 5 to 8 lakh per annum and the designation will be of a business development manager.

The writer is Chancellor, Bir Tikendrajit University, Manipur (www.birtikendrajituniversity.ac.in)

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