Enforcement: liquidation of 650 properties with 1.2 billion riyals

The Center for Attribution and Liquidation in Saudi Arabia, “Enfath”, revealed that about 75 auctions with a financial value of more than 1.247 billion riyals have been liquidated, since the center began its work so far, and the approval of about 261 real estate brokers with the center.

According to official data of the Center, the number of liquidated real estate assets amounted to about 650 properties with a financial value of 1.245 billion riyals, while the number of liquidated movables amounted to about 633 movables with a financial value of about 1.6 million riyals.

The data showed that there are about 261 real estate brokers (selling agents) approved by the Center for Attribution and Liquidation, while the number of residents is about 225 residents, 427 lawyers, and 64 judicial guards, while the number of legal accountants is about 84 accountants and 22 bankruptcy trustees approved by the Center.

Regarding the geographical division of the auctions, which Al-Isnad Center worked on to liquidate, the city of Riyadh ranked first with 15 auctions, while Jeddah came in second with eight auctions, and Buraidah third with six auctions, while the rest of the auctions were distributed among the various regions and governorates of the Kingdom.

The Attribution and Liquidation Center seeks to achieve its social role by accelerating the process of fulfilling rights, preserving the value of assets and returning them to their owners, whether creditors or heirs, thus contributing to the continuity of socially important activities that serve the public interest, in addition to avoiding delays in the enforcement of judgments, which may cause Damage to the assets to be liquidated, according to what the newspaper reported.

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