“Enfath” adopts the “Saudi Auctions” electronic platform

The Attribution and Liquidation Center “Enfath” has approved the Saudi Auctions platform, the second platform for conducting electronic auctions for the assets it is overseeing to liquidate.

And all service providers of selling agents registered on the “Enfath” electronic platform can start conducting electronic auctions through the Saudi Auctions platform (auctions.com.sa) as one of the options offered by the center and subject to the rules of attribution and liquidation center operations.

On the importance of this accreditation, Hussein Al-Harbi, CEO of the Center for Attribution and Liquidation, stated that the center aims, through this step, to deepen the involvement of the private sector in the center’s work. enhancing competitiveness in a way that contributes to improving the quality of services provided to beneficiaries; And the availability of multiple options for the sales agents assigned by the center, stressing the center’s intention to adopt additional platforms soon, all of which contribute to facilitating sales operations for agents, accelerating the liquidation procedures and recovering the rights of the beneficiaries.

Electronic auctions are an effective means in managing and marketing real estate, due to the ease of registration and participation, in addition to their access to a larger segment of buyers, which contributes to achieving the values ​​of justice and transparency.

The Attribution and Liquidation Center “Enfath” is one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program, and the expert house specialized in supervising the liquidation of assets from real estate and movables, which is entrusted with selling them from judicial authorities, the private sector or private bequests and individuals, through the appointment of experts and service providers from the relevant authorities. Specialized in appraisal, marketing, property management, guarding and inventory, by offering them as projects through the electronic platform (infath.sa) in all transparency and competition, which contributes to preserving the values ​​of assets and accelerating the process of fulfilling rights.


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