“Enfath” achieves two billion riyals of total sales since its establishment

The Recruitment and Liquidation Center “Enfath” succeeded in raising its operational capacity during the month of October to achieve the highest sales proceeds with a value of more than 600 million riyals, bringing the total sales since its start-up in September 2020 to more than two billion riyals, including rights to heirs and creditors, in addition to consensual liquidations. Assigned to him by the private sector, which contributes to preserving the values ​​of assets and accelerating the process of fulfilling rights.

During last October alone, the Center supervised the organization and holding of 24 public auctions, including 15 in-person auctions and 9 electronic auctions, within a geographical scope that expanded to 16 cities and governorates in various regions of the Kingdom, in which more than 298 real estate and movable assets were offered.

During the first half of this month, the center will supervise 3 additional auctions, namely: “Real Estate Opportunities Auction” for the sale of 9 commercial and residential properties in Riyadh, and “Qurna and Al-Bajadia” auction for the sale of 3 properties in Dawadmi Governorate, in addition to the “Al-Jiwar” auction in Makkah Al-Mukarramah for the sale of 19 properties Residential and commercial.

The Center for Attribution and Liquidation “Enfath” was established as one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, with the aim of enhancing government performance and improving services to beneficiaries, by accelerating liquidation processes related to inheritance issues or financial claims, by assigning liquidation work to the private sector and supervising its performance within quality frameworks. and transparency.

Since its establishment, the Center has succeeded in reducing the average qualifying period to less than 80 days, and has attracted more than 1,400 commercial establishments to participate in projects related to the evaluation, preparation and sale of real estate and movable assets.

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