Energy efficiency: thermal insulation reduces air conditioning consumption of electricity by 40%.

Specialists at the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center emphasized the importance of thermal insulation in buildings and homes because of its great role in saving electricity consumption in air-conditioning devices. Some of these buildings and homes were built and not insulated with thermal insulation.

They indicated keenness to seal the holes to prevent the entry of hot air by placing fillings around door frames, windows, suction fans and any other places, and among the recommendations is to maintain the entrance doors to the building to tighten their closure, stressing that the costs of using double windows (heat-insulating) do not exceed 1 percent of the basic cost of the building .

They emphasized that insulation contributes to reducing the percentage of electrical energy consumed in air-conditioners at rates ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent, and that thermal insulation protects buildings from external weather changes that occur as a result of temperature differences during the day. The safety of the furniture inside the home, in addition to that it reduces the costs of the regular maintenance of the building due to the damage caused to the building from heat and humidity, and the thermal insulation increases the life of the building and its value.


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