Emissary rescues his neighbor from the fire

The Saudi scholar, Noah Al-Thakry Al-Harbi, one of the scholarships in the city of Adelaide in Australia, gave an honorable example of courage, when he risked himself storming the fire to save his 94-year-old Australian neighbor, and taking him out of the middle of a fire that broke out in his home.

Saudi delegate Noah Al-Harbi said: “I was taking a nap at noon, and I woke up to the screams of my neighbor in the street, who is at the same time a neighbor of the elderly, and she has knowledge of him and is asking for help, and I found fire burning in my neighbor’s house, so I tried to open the front door, and I could not and went with my second neighbor Of the back window, and I broke it with my hand without feeling. ” With the tension and the fire, the glass entered my right hand, and I did not feel this thing, which caused deep bleeding and wounds. I felt it after the ambulance took me to the hospital.

He added: After breaking the back door, my elderly neighbor pulled us out of the window, because the fire reached the back door and we were unable to get it out, and at the same time the fire extinguishers arrived and they helped us evacuate us from the burning house. ”

The military sponsor indicated that he sleeps in the hospital for two days, due to glass wounds and carbon dioxide accumulating in his chest, and he is currently in good health and has regular visits to the hospital.

The family of the Saudi club in Adelaide wished a full recovery for the student, Noah Al-Harbi, after an injury he sustained while trying to rescue his neighbor.


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