Elon Musk withdrew from the Twitter deal, fearing a third world war

The British Financial Times reported that American billionaire Elon Musk suggested delaying his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on the grounds that it would not make sense to buy the famous social networking site in light of fears of a third world war, according to text messages between the richest man In the world and bankers were disclosed in a court session.

During the three-hour hearing in a Delaware court on Tuesday, Twitter shared text messages between Musk and Michael Grimes, a banker at Morgan Stanley, as company officials sought to confirm that Musk’s continued attempts to back down from the acquisition deal regarding his concerns. The alleged fake accounts were just an excuse.

According to messages dated May 8, several weeks after Musk agreed to buy the platform for $54.2 a share, and two months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Tesla boss wrote, “Let’s slow down for a few days, Vladimir Putin’s speech tomorrow is very important.” .

He added that it would not make sense to buy Twitter if we were headed for World War III, a phrase that Twitter’s lawyers described as a matter of money.

This information comes in light of the escalation of the legal battle between Musk and Twitter, as both of them demand dozens of summons to investors, bankers and others involved in the agreement, and say that the other party is not cooperating in the discovery process.

Twitter argued that Musk’s attempt to withdraw from the deal was motivated by the protection of his financial interests as stock exchanges plummeted, and not by genuine concerns about the fake accounts.

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