Élisabeth Borne announces the extension of aid for youth employment

Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne announced on Sunday January 3 the extension of aid for the employment of young people under the operation “one young person, one solution”, beyond the end of January, in the Sunday Journal.

“The health situation will remain difficult in the coming weeks and will lead us to extend (…) the bonus of 4,000 euros (per year) for hiring, on a fixed-term contract of more than three months or on a permanent contract of a young person under 26 years old and 5,000 or 8,000 euros in aid for an apprenticeship or professionalization contract ”, assures the Minister.

440,000 apprenticeship contracts signed in 2020

“The figures show that our plan is bearing fruit,” she said of a battery of measures launched in July when the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic has severely affected the employment of youth.

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She cites 1,052 million young people “recruited on fixed-term contracts of at least three months or on permanent contracts”, between August and the end of November, ie “almost as many as in 2019”. “More than 220,000 bonuses have already been distributed,” adds Élisabeth Borne, recalling the unprecedented success of apprenticeship with 440,000 contracts signed in 2020, against 353,000 in 2019.

“More than six in ten employees have been 100% teleworking since November”

Asked also about the slumber of telework that she had already mentioned, the minister confirmed that she wanted to return to a rule of “at least one day per week” of presence in the company.

“Our studies show that more than six out of ten employees who have been working at 100% telework since November wish to return to the company at least one day a week,” explains Élisabeth Borne, ensuring that “more than half say they suffer from isolation”.

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She promises to raise this question Monday during a meeting with the social partners to adapt again “the health protocol from January 7”.

“It will be a matter of continuing to rely heavily on teleworking to fight the epidemic while allowing those who express the need to return to work one day a week,” she concludes.


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