Electronic platforms and digital campaigns are the most prominent posts of the Makkah Cultural Forum

The jury has finished evaluating the initiatives of private entities and individuals at the Makkah Cultural Forum in the current season “How to be an example in the digital world” of 411 initiatives.

The secretariat of the forum explained that the evaluation of all initiatives has been completed, within the two branches of creativity awards for institutional initiatives and creativity awards for individual initiatives, indicating that institutional initiatives focused on several topics, most notably electronic platforms, digital awareness campaigns, smart devices, phone applications, educational programs, and courses. Qualification, in addition to competitions and events.

Impact areas

The Secretariat referred to the areas of expected impact of the initiatives, focusing on several areas: Hajj and Umrah, social and family fields, cultural and media, tourism and entertainment, values, ethics and knowledge, as well as the health and sports field.

She pointed out that the initiatives were evaluated according to several factors, namely the extent of their relevance to the five objectives of the forum in its session for this year, which seek to enhance benefit from recent developments in communication and information technology, build positive communication, enrich content in digital media, as well as support the use of artificial intelligence. And cybersecurity for applications that enhance “smart Mecca”, activate the role of universities and relevant authorities to provide modern digital skills, and automate work to link government agencies in the region with the emirate electronically. She added: In order to enhance the impact, each agency has prepared indicators to measure the expected impact and its areas, steps to ensure the sustainability of the impact, and a plan for expansion and spread.

Individual initiatives

The secretariat of the forum noted that the individual initiatives centered on 4 topics, which were electronic platforms, digital awareness campaigns, smart devices, and phone applications, adding, the areas of expected impact of individual initiatives varied in 7 areas, and individual initiatives were related to achieving indicators and measuring the objectives of the forum in its session For this year.

In a related matter, the governorates of the region have begun to receive initiatives for the creativity awards in the governorates, and aim to provide the opportunity for innovators to participate in the development of their governorates, in various fields related to the digital world. Services in the province specifically.

Formation of a committee

Each of the governorates of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region shall form a committee to nominate innovation awards in the governorate and select the first three winners. After the closing ceremony of the programs in the governorate ends, the governor nominates the first winner to compete for innovation awards in the governorates at the regional level, provided that the nominated initiatives compete to choose the best three initiatives and the winners are honored by the region’s governor.


– That the initiative was implemented in the governorate.

– Participation is linked to the slogan of the Makkah Cultural Forum for the year 1442: How can we be an example? In the digital world ».

Reflect a creative idea or a significant development of a previous idea.

– That the presented initiative includes: adding knowledge and contributing to technical progress or modifying digital behavior.

– That the initiative be studied, examined and nominated by the governorate’s award committee.

Entities are not entitled to submit the same participation to other Makkah Cultural Forum awards.

Raising the justifications, justifications, and reports upon submitting the first winner of the competition for creativity prizes.


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