Electric vehicle sales doubled in a year

The share of electric cars in the European new vehicle market more than doubled in the second quarter of the year, the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers revealed.

And fully electric vehicles account for 7.5% of new car sales in Europe, compared to 3.5% in the second quarter of 2020.

More than 210,000 units were sold (+231.6%) and sales increased especially in Spain, Germany and Belgium. Outside the European Union, such increases were also recorded in Britain and Norway.

As for gasoline-powered cars, which the European Commission proposed to ban from 2035, they now constitute less than half of European sales, with 1.17 million vehicles sold and 41.8% of market share, compared to 51.9% in the second quarter of 2020. .

Hybrid vehicles, in turn, captured 19.3% of the market share, behind diesel-powered vehicles (20.4%, compared to almost 30% in 2020). And plug-in hybrid cars now represent 8.4% of the market share, driven especially by the increase in sales in Italy.

Several car manufacturers have ventured into electric vehicles, pledging to completely phase out combustion engines by 2030. Some brands also plan to start producing electric cars only by 2030, including Volvo and Opel.

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