El Chapo wife goes from obscurity to celebrity arrest on drug distribution charges

“Emma remained anonymous like all of the Sinaloa cartel partners,” said the executive editor of “Norwest” newspaper in Sinaloa, Mexico. After that, she began to take more celebrity positions, breaking the tradition of secrecy within the Sinaloa cartel leadership.

Despite her status as the wife of “Joaquin El Chapo” Guzmán, the most famous drug cartel leader in the world, “Emma Coronel Esboro” lived in hiding, but that changed when her husband went to prison for life, and suddenly she had a presence on social media, There was talk of launching a fashion line, and even appearing on a reality show dedicated to families of drug traffickers.

Her actions did not go unnoticed after she was arrested on Monday upon her arrival in the United States, on charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs. Some have asked: Did Coronel put a target on her back to put her in focus? Some saw Coronel’s behavior as the behavior of a young woman who lived a relatively sheltered life, which made her out of sight, and she was bursting out after experiencing the arduous secret life, but her actions caught international attention after she violated unwritten cartel rules about family members, especially wives.


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