Eiffel, between the queen of hearts and the iron lady

The secret story of the creation of the Eiffel Tower, on screens on October 13.

What if the most emblematic of Parisian monuments had been erected with the aim of dazzling a conquest? This is the hypothesis on which Caroline Bongrand built the screenplay forEiffel *, before Martin Bourboulon staged, with pharaonic means, a large romantic-historical fresco. It all started when Gustave Eiffel met Adrienne Bourgès, his love of youth, again. While he dreamed of creating a metropolitan, this fashionable architect gave in to the advances of the French government, which encouraged him to build a huge tower for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, in Paris.

It is the beginning of an adventure led drastically by the waltz of feelings. Carried by effective special effects, dazzling costumes and sets, and heady musical themes, this great cinematic spectacle operates thanks to the ardor and modernity of Romain Duris who easily draws the viewer in the wake of the hero. The glamor and charm of the delicious Emma Mackey prove

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