Efficiency: The specification tire resists wet surfaces

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center called on motorists to be keen on purchasing the green tire. Because of its resistance to rain, and its stickiness on wet surfaces.

The center stressed the need to ensure the efficiency of car tires before purchasing them, and the importance of downloading the “Verify” application, and using it to ensure the validity of these tires and their conformity to the technical descriptions on them, using the smart device camera, and scanning the code that goes directly to the central database of the energy efficiency card For tires.

The tire energy card shows complete information about a number of levels of the impact of rotation resistance on the vehicle’s fuel consumption, and the best of these levels is “A”, the last of which is “G”. The amount of fuel savings ranges between each “color” level and another level of rotation resistance Between 1.5%, to 2%. “

The card defines “wet grip” as a measure of a tire’s ability to hold on a wet or wet surface.

According to “efficiency”, there are multiple types of tires, in terms of energy efficiency and fuel consumption, and divides them into two parts for comparison between them during purchase.

The center continued: “This division came within the framework of the energy efficiency card for tires. The first section is related to energy efficiency, and the second part is related to the ability of the tire to adhere to wet surfaces.”

The program warned vehicle drivers not to be careless in choosing the appropriate tires for their vehicles, stressing the importance of taking into account some factors that have a direct impact on the safety of the tire’s performance and not being exposed to explosion, especially in the summer that witnesses high temperatures, and these factors include speed, load, temperature, conditions of use and condition The Road.

He said that choosing the right tire for the vehicle, taking care of its safety and observing its instructions, saves a lot of energy, and vice versa.


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