Efficiency: Light colors save energy in the home … and the air conditioning consumes 70% of it

Specialists in the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program “Kafa’a” emphasized that dyeing the house light colors contribute to reflecting the sun’s rays, and thus contribute to saving energy. This measure is one of the behaviors that clearly guide public consumption.

He added, “The statistics announced by energy efficiency indicate that 70 percent of the value of electricity bills is often due to the use of air-conditioners alone.”

The program attributed the rise in electrical energy consumption in the residential sector to the consumption patterns and culture of some consumers, indicating that there are those who ignore the lack of commitment to advice and guidelines that could control the random consumption process in air conditioners and reduce the waste of electrical energy, especially in the summer season. Present.

The program recommended several things to help rationalize the electrical energy consumption of air conditioners, including closing windows and doors, sealing holes to prevent hot air from entering the house, or cold air escaping outside it, using fillings around door and window frames and air-conditioning vents, and dropping “insulation” curtains For windows to prevent outside heat from entering inside, and to avoid installing wall air conditioners in skylights or narrow places to ensure good ventilation of the device.

It also recommended not to increase the consumption of electrical energy, in addition to paying attention to cleaning air conditioning filters once every two weeks. Where it is difficult for air to pass through unclean filters; Consequently, air conditioners consume more energy and increase the consumption bill.

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Program “Efficiency” indicated that the culture of controlled consumption has not yet reached all citizens and residents in the Kingdom, and that there are several general tips and guidelines that can be taken when using the air-conditioner inside the home, the most important of which is setting the degree of “thermostat” at 24 degrees Celsius. ; As the recommended and most suitable temperature for comfortable cooling.

The Efficiency Program said that setting the thermostat at this temperature would contribute to a significant reduction in the air conditioner’s electrical energy consumption. This is reflected in the final consumption bill that the consumer pays, indicating that, unfortunately, some of them believe that reducing the temperature to less than that will ensure a higher cooling temperature, forgetting that this is a waste of electrical energy, as well as the stress of the air conditioner.


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