Edward Scissorhands movie house to sell for $700,000

The building of 130 m2 with its garden of twisted bushes and white paths at 1774 Tinsmith Circle in Florida served as the setting for the film directed by Tim Burton in 1990. It has even become a temple in honor of the character played by Johnny Depp.

The home of the Boggs family, where the character ofEdward Scissorhands, is for sale with a whole collection of memorabilia from the shoot for the sum of 700,000 dollars (about 640,000 euros). An ultimate collector’s item for Tim Burton fans, on sale Wednesday.

The building with the twisted bushes has not changed. Located at 1774 Tinsmith Circle in Lutz, in the Tampa Bay area of ​​Florida, the house was used for the filming of the movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder and Dianne Wiest. Upon his release, Johnny Depp caused a stir as Edward, a young man created by a mysterious inventor, who gave him a heart before dying and assigning hands to him. Taken in by the Boggs family, he lives in a pretty residential suburb, far from the dark and dilapidated mansion in which he was found with a scarred and frightened face, with scissors for hands.

From the outside, the spiral-trimmed bushes and the paths of white pebbles define, as at the time, the entrance to the 700 square meter plot (130 of which are occupied by the single-storey building). A visual imprint signed Tim Burton, always visible in and outside the house. Composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all the rooms of the house are decorated with the effigy ofEdward Scissorhands. Many paintings and photographs recall mythical scenes from the feature film, as well as other derivative products displayed in the windows, which will be sold in batches with the house. One of the most singular rooms is none other than a life-size replica of Tim Burton’s character, located in the kitchen whose wallpaper is an exact replica of the filming. A choice desired by the owners.

Purchased in 2020 for $230,000 by Joey Dahlia and his wife Sharon, the house is therefore above all a museum that pays tribute to the film. Moreover, after having invested body and soul in the decoration, the couple decided to assign a name to the house: “Scissorland”. They even created an Instagram page for him, which to date has nearly 3,000 followers, where photos, videos and anecdotes about the feature film are shared. “If you buy the house, all of these items are yours“, specified the owner in the advertisement of sale.


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