Eczema patients facing the winter season

It is scientifically known that dry skin increases with the entry of the winter season, which causes double problems for eczema patients, as they feel more itchy and dry.

Natural insulator

Eczema-prone skin lacks a natural barrier that protects the skin from bacteria and irritants and retains moisture, which causes skin sensitivity that lasts year-round.

Appropriate refreshments

Dermatologist Muhammad Al-Hamshari stated that during the winter season, one should stay away from moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, as it does not eliminate dryness, and he prefers moisturizers that contain ceramides, which is a protein that reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

He added, “Not all creams are beneficial to the skin as many people think. Creams may be branded and expensive, but they irritate the skin and make it vulnerable to eczema. Therefore, when choosing a moisturizing cream, you must choose chemical-free.”

Drinking water

Al-Hamshari pointed out that drinking water constantly maintains the moisture of the skin and reduces dehydration, so it is necessary to drink at least 8 cups a day, and you can use the mixture of water with ginger or lemon.

He advised eczema patients to use a type of soap mixed with a moisturizer in order to moisturize the skin, warning against soap that contains sodium sulfate, as it works to remove the natural oils from the skin and increases dryness.

Wear gloves

It is normal in winter to wear gloves in order to warm the hands from the cold weather, but the glove may cause damage to the skin and lead to skin irritation, especially if the glove is coarse wool, so it is recommended to wear a layer of silk gloves before wearing the wool glove.

Symptoms of eczema

In infants under 2 years of age:

The rash that usually appears

On the scalp and cheeks

The rash blisters before it leaks out

Feeling intense itching

In adults:

A rash appears behind the elbows or knees (which is common)


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