Dune, Top Gun 2, James Bond, OSS 117 … The (provisional) film release schedule in 2021

After an almost white year 2020, the world of cinema hopes to experience a new lease of life by entering this new decade. Successful license returns and all kinds of superheroes are on the program for the next twelve months, under the sign of catching up.

Closed theaters and disrupted filming: the cinema ends the year 2020 at the end of its rope, the health crisis not having spared the land of the Lumière brothers. From the stars of the Grand Rex in Paris, to multiplexes in shopping areas, including associative cinemas, the same desperate image of empty armchairs and black screens will remain.

Confinement and sanitary measures oblige, the 2000 French cinemas, unique park in the world, will have been closed almost half of the year. Only the months of January and February saw “normal” exploitation, without reduced tonnage. The favorite pastime of the French, which has attracted 200 million spectators per year over the past ten years, has seen its attendance drop by two thirds: 64.9 million tickets sold.

Despite the almost total absence of mainstream American film releases since March, this very special year’s box office remains dominated by productions from across the Atlantic. In the lead, a blockbuster is doing less badly than the others. Released at the end of August, when the public was still reluctant to return to theaters, Tenet by Christopher Nolan attracted 2.34 million spectators. Following are films released before the first confinement: 1917 (2.2 million admissions), then Sonic the movie and Bad boys for life.

The first Frenchman is in fifth place, Ducobu 3 (1.49 million admissions). If some films (Simply black, Antoinette in the Cévennes) were able to play their game between the two confinements, others, released in the fall, were stopped in full swing, like Goodbye Cons, best start for an Albert Dupontel film or DNA by Maïwenn.

Big winners of the pandemic, the streaming platforms Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime Video took advantage of this uncertainty to rally large productions to their causes and swell their audiences thanks to Bronx by Olivier Marchal, Drunk or Mulan. A trend that will undoubtedly continue this year.

2021 promises to be the great unknown. If some have already announced a release date that can be described as provisional, others simply no longer have a point of fall. Kaamelott, Wonder Woman 1984, Mandibles or the latest film by Robert Zemeckis Sacred Witches should be released for the coming year in France, but risk being stuck in a long and terrible traffic jam.


Originally planned for the end of year celebrations, The Tuche 4 should finally celebrate Christmas two months after the birth of Jesus Christ. The fourth part of the saga directed by Olivier Barroux is now announced for February 3. A week later, officers Kingsman will finally resume service, after four successive postponements. For this eagerly awaited prequel, Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson plunge into the First World War, at the time of the creation of the famous agency that employs them. Aline , the biopic on Celine Dion by Valérie Lemercier initially scheduled for November 19, 2020, has a date, February 17, for her to return …


Following in the footsteps of DC comics and Marvel, Sony is gradually building its cinematic universe around Spider-Man. For the second film of the franchise, the studio offers Jared Leto to camp Morbius. The feature film dedicated to this bloodthirsty anti-hero will hit theaters from March 17. After months of uncertainty, Agent 007 will sign his comeback on the big screen on March 31. In To die can wait , the final mission of Daniel Craig in the skin of the most famous employee of MI6, James Bond will face the hideous Lyutsifer Safin, played by Rami Malek.


England has James Bond and France … OSS 117 . The third episode of the adventures of the most famous spy is scheduled for April 14, for a duel at the top of the box office with his British counterpart released two weeks earlier. For this third part directed by Nicolas Bedos, Jean Dujardin puts on his costume again towards Black Africa, in the footsteps of a group of rebels. He will be accompanied by Pierre Niney in the role of the young OSS 1001. It is not said that the film will not wait for the reopening, a month later, of the Cannes Film Festival. To make the Croisette laugh again. How I became a superhero , the ambitious Douglas Attal film hits theaters on April 21. In this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Gérald Bronner, an investigator played by Pio Marmaï will have to discover the origin of a strange substance which gives great powers to certain citizens, in a Paris where masked vigilantes abound. A decidedly busy month of April, with also Last Night in Soho by Edgar Wright (the Cornetto trilogy, Baby Driver) and the live adaptation of the video game Monster hunter by Wes Anderson – with Milla Jovovitch and Ron Pearlman – on 28.

OSS 117 Red Alert in Africa black: a fizzing first trailer for Bonisseur de la Bath


From a movie release point of view, May promises to be as busy as its predecessor. The ball will open on the 5th with Black widow , the film devoted entirely to the Marvel heroine embodied since 2010 by Scarlett Johnson. Free Guy , starring Ryan Reynolds, and his wacky pitch – an extra in a video game conquering his freedom – will be released on May 19, as will Godzilla vs Kong , or the meeting between two legendary monsters of the seventh art. It is now a tradition: every two years, the crazy races of Fast and Furious are rolling on the box office. 2021 is no exception to the rule, Dominic Toretto and others will be back for the ninth time on May 26, at the same time as Cruella , Disney spin-off on the evil enemy of 101 Dalmatians with Emma Stone in the title role. We will also find Virginie Effira in the skin of Benedetta Carlini – lesbian nun confined for forty years in 17th century Italy – directed by Paul Verhoeven.


After a 100% female spin-off with mixed success in 2016 (100 million US box office receipts for 144 million production costs), the franchise Ghostbusters will return on June 9 for a fifth episode Heritage, centered on the descendants of the clique led in the 1980s by Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. Good news for the nostalgic, the two actors appear in the cast. Tom Hardy will resume his role as Venom June 23, for the second part of the series telling the story of the strange symbiote. Luca , the latest film from Pixar studios will be released on the same day.


To escape the heat, blockbuster fans can spend their first summer month in the air-conditioned rooms. New hero of the Marvel universe, Shang-Chi will face the terrible Mandarin and the terrorist group of the Ten Rings from July 7. For a more family-friendly session, Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru is announced on the same date. Scheduled for July 14, Top Gun: Maverick appears to be the film scheduled to gain the favor of audiences during the summer season. He will face the adaptation of the video game Uncharted , sort ofIndiana Jones modern embodied for the occasion by Tom Holland. Adventure always to complete this busy month of July with Jungle Cruise , an original Disney story inspired by the attraction of the same name, present in several of the firm’s parks. We find Emily Blunt in the guise of Lily Hougton, a researcher in search of a miracle cure in the Amazon jungle.


If the calendar of releases for the month of August should expand during the start of the year, The Suicide Squad has indeed been confirmed in the room for the 4th (subject, of course, to the evolution of the pandemic). The DC franchise’s merry villains will try to win back audiences and critics after a disappointing debut film. Change of director for the occasion, James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) takes up the torch after David Ayer, for this independent sequel without Will Smith and Jared Leto – who respectively played the assassin Deadshot and the Joker in the first installment – and with a largely overhauled cast.


Symbol of the white year that was 2020, two of the most anticipated films of the year will be released at the end of September 2021. With first Death on the Nile , new adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie signed Kenneth Brannagh, the 22. The following week, another adaptation, that of Dune by Denis Villeneuve, will finally arrive on the big screen. The hero of the futuristic fresco imagined by Frank Herbert will be played by Timothée Chalamet, supported by Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson.


With a promising distribution, The Last Duel sounds like a homecoming for Ridley Scott, 43 years after his first film, Duelist. This time the action takes place in the 14th century in France, and returns to the judicial duel Carrouges-Legris, a historical fact between a knight and his squire in a rape case. Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck will be on hand. The film is slated to hit the big screen on October 13.


Marvel should release its third feature film of the year on November 3. In Eternals , the spectators will leave to discover an underground people, the Eternals, therefore. They will have to face the threat created by the Deviants, their sworn enemies. We will find Kit Harrington, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and singer Harry Styles made up as the brother of the MCU’s big bad, Thanos. Symbol of cinema in the Covid-19 era due to its ambitious filming in the midst of a pandemic, Mission Impossible 7 remains for the moment scheduled in theaters for November 17th. Little information has leaked about the new adventures of Ethan Hunt, apart from the bloodshed of the main actor and producer Tom Cruise against his technical team not respectful enough, according to him, of the sanitary protocols.


50 years after their first appearance in the cinema, the Jets and the Sharks will face each other again on the big screen from December 8. The cult musical West Side Story gets a new look under the leadership of Steven Spielberg, with a new arrangement of original music by Leonard Bernstein. To end the year in style, Matrix 4 is finally announced for December 22. Neo and Trinity’s return to business is directed by Lana Wachowski, half of the original duo behind the philisophico-futurist saga.


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