Drunk, Calamity, Princess Europe … movies to watch or avoid this week

To have

Drunk , dramatic comedy by Thomas Vinterberg, 1h55

According to a Scandinavian philosopher, the human being would be much more efficient with permanently 0.5 grams of alcohol in the blood. The difficulty is to maintain the level. The theory seduces four Danish friends who begin to put it into practice during a gourmet dinner. On leaving the restaurant, they decide to apply this program in a scientific way. The medal has its reverse. There is always one too many glass. The dogs are let loose. Cul-sec and hangovers guaranteed. Vinterberg is blowing his country into the ball. With him, drunkenness is a spectacle. He overturns tables and prejudices, describes a soaked and inhibited society, shows unusual energy and humor. This midlife crisis is to be consumed without moderation. The film excites, disturbs, seduces. Sobriety is a bad thing. There is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark. Red or white? That is the question.

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Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary , animated film by Rémi Chayé, 1h22

Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary (prize for best feature film at the Annecy festival) follows the adventures of a 10-year-old girl at the end of the 19th century during the conquest of the West. “The film is true fiction with questioning of gender, what it means to be a girl and to be a boy. , underlines Rémi Chayé. If Martha cuts her hair and wears pants, it is for practical reasons, she always acted spontaneously and liked to dress up, reinvent her life, her construction also went through the modification of her appearance.», Insists the director. The child evolves in an environment where women, often prostitutes or washerwomen sometimes pretended to be men. “She, she assumed to be a woman by behaving like a man», Summarizes the director, his first fan.

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Princess Europe , documentary by Camille Lotteau, 1h49

The best comedy of the fall is a documentary on Bernard-Henri Lévy. The former new philosopher gave the 30-year-old director carte blanche to film him during the campaign for the 2019 European elections. BHL then crisscrossed Europe with a play he wrote and performed, Looking for Europe. Through editing and voice-over, Lotteau transforms the making-of into a mischievous portrait of the media intellectual, narcissistic and passionate, ridiculous and not devoid of panache. Lotteau and his camera remain at the door of the meetings with Steve Bannon, Viktor Orban or even the President of Ukraine Petro Porochenko. He took the opportunity to exchange by SMS with his “buddy “yellow vest”», A mysterious correspondent who brings the people’s point of view into the BHL bubble. He will also collect another word than the official and institutional discourse. That of the poet Luna Miguel in Barcelona, ​​the Polish writer Andrezj Stasiuk in Gdansk or a group of young people in Belfast, at the entrance of a pub, who say they are proud to be Irish. Another face of Europe.

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A Dark, Dark Man , detective film by Adilkhan Yerzhanov, 1h50

As its title does not indicate, A Dark Dark Man is a film from Kazakhstan. It could have been called A Dark Dark World. His hero, Bekzat, is still a young man, but he’s already a rotten cop to the core. Except he’s not the only one. Deep in the Kazakh steppes, all men are corrupt, crooked, wicked. Cops, mobsters, doctors or politicians, it is difficult to distinguish them. Only Pukuar, a simple-minded man, wouldn’t hurt a fly. When we discover the corpse of a little boy, we make him an ideal culprit to hide what looks like a pedophile ring. Bekzat is in charge of eliminating him but Ariana, a journalist, complicates things which are never very clear or explicit. Discovered with The Tender Indifference of the World, the director Adilkhan Yerzhanov mixes violence and absurd humor in the manner of a certain American cinema, Tarantino and Coen brothers tendency. But there is also something a bit posh and self-indulgent in its directing that takes a little too much time to tell a story that is not really exciting either.

We can see too

The Trolls 2 – World Tour , animated film by Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith, 1h34

Queen Barb, member of the hard-rock royalty, helped by her father King Thrash, wants to destroy all other genres of music to let rock reign supreme. With the fate of the world at stake, Poppy and Branch, along with their friends – Biggie, Chenille, Satin, Cooper and Guy Diamond – set off to visit all the other territories to unify the Trolls against Barb, who seeks to relegate them all to the background. .

30 days max , comedy by Tarek Boudali, 1h27

Rayane is a cowardly and clumsy young cop who is constantly mocked by the other police officers. The day his doctor falsely tells him that he has only thirty days to live, he understands that this is his last chance to become a hero in his police station and impress his colleague Stéphanie.

The Good criminal , thriller by Mark Williams, 1h39

Tom, a legendary bank robber decides to sit down and makes a deal, against his immunity, with the FBI who never managed to get their hands on him. He quickly realizes that the Feds have another plan in mind: to share his loot and have him charged with murder. Trapped, chased by the police and the FBI, he decides to take things in hand and launches out in an explosive revenge.

Una Promessa , drama by Gianluca De Serio and Massimiliano De Serio, 1h44

Under a blazing sun, in the south of Italy, Angela leaves with other illegal workers in the fields, from where she will not return. Faced with this tragic and mysterious disappearance, launched on a quest for truth, her husband Giuseppe makes the promise to their son Antò to give him back his mother.

The First March , documentary by Hakim Atoui and Baptiste Etchegaray, 1h04

On June 9, 2019, four students lead the first Pride March in the suburbs in Saint-Denis. 50 years after Stonewall, Youssef, Yanis, Annabelle and Luca impose the LGBT fight where no one wanted to imagine it.

Paris Calligrams , documentary by Ulrike Ottinger, 2:09

Paris Calligrams is an arthouse film, a feature-length documentary, directed by Ulrike Ottinger, German director, emblem of the avant-garde in Germany and of Pop Art, now 75 years old. She tells the story of the Paris of the 1960s that she knew, in particular evokes a bookshop, Calligramme, directed by Fritz Picard, where she met German and French avant-garde from literature and art.

No Way , documentary by Ton van Zantvoort, 1h21

Abandon his flock? Find another job? Send everything to graze? For Stijn, it’s “No way”. He will fight to the end, against all odds and the laws of the market. And he is not alone.

The Equilibrists , documentary by Perrine Michel, 1h39

We don’t come here to heal, but to live our last days as fully as possible. Here, it is a palliative care service. On a daily basis, caregivers are one body and listen to each other, to be as close as possible to patients. In parallel with the scenes showing a medicine full of humanism, the voice of the filmmaker is heard.


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