“Drops”… a shining star in the world of online shopping

Ghalia Al-Abdul-Ghafur: “Drops” has delivered more than one million requests for 30,000 products since its inception.
– We are keen to provide offers and discounts to reward “Drops” shoppers for their great confidence
The continuous expansion of “Drops” shows our confidence and our constant support for e-commerce developments
The application is operating today in Kuwait and the UAE, and it will launch its operations in Riyadh during next March

The “Drops” e-commerce platform launches its new exclusive offers from today until the end of next February, which include offering discounts starting from 40 percent on a wide range of products that suit the needs of all categories of customers, while giving them special gifts and exceptional prices, with the aim of continuing Maintaining their great confidence over the course of time.

The launch of the new offers comes within the framework of the well-studied plans drawn up by those in charge of the application, within the framework of their keenness to reach the largest category of consumers in the markets in which Drops is present, and to develop e-commerce at all levels.

Elon Musk

The year 2018 marked a milestone, as it witnessed the establishment of the “Drops” platform as an electronic platform specialized in purchasing drinks only, before those in charge of the application took a bold decision that proved their farsightedness and their ability to keep pace with developments, until the application became comprehensive and met all customer needs with more than 25 A diverse section, including “Imported for You”, “Dairy and eggs, vegetables and fruits, canned food, ice cream, personal care tools, cleaning supplies, children’s needs, camping and its tools, games, pet supplies, electronics, etc.”

Since its inception, the Drops platform has been associated with many commercial partnerships, and has signed various contracts with a wide network of local, regional and global suppliers that exceed 500 suppliers, to provide products that meet the needs of all categories of customers in the local market, and raise their level of satisfaction to the highest levels.

big change

Drops benefited from the significant change in consumer behavior, and the significant growth in online shopping operations in recent years, especially after the onset of the “Covid 19” pandemic and the subsequent conditions and controls to reduce infections with the virus, and developed an ambitious plan to take advantage of the financial abundance and spend on E-commerce, and succeeded in becoming the first destination for shopping through an easy-to-use electronic application in the GCC countries.

Continuous expansion

Drops expanded after its establishment in 2018, until it is now present in Kuwait and the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, provided that its application will be launched in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, by next March, before the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Drops is keen to receive customer requests and deal with them with the highest levels of protection and safety, and works to deliver them by its professional and highly experienced drivers within a record period of no more than two hours, in a way that meets the needs of all groups and helps to achieve their satisfaction, exceed their expectations and achieve their aspirations throughout the year. the time.


The General Manager of “Drops” in Kuwait, Ghalia Al-Abdul-Ghafour, confirmed that “Drops” has been able to achieve great success since its establishment 4 years ago, pointing out that it has met more than one million requests for about 30 thousand products from customers, among the list of application products that meet all consumer needs.

Al-Abdul-Ghafur said that “Drops” succeeded in gaining the trust of customers during a record period of time, and achieving great leaps in e-commerce, as a result of the distinguished services it provides through its smart platform, which constitute an added value in the local market and the regional markets that it serves, revealing that the launch of the new offers comes within the framework of Its policy is based on rewarding customers and ensuring that they are satisfied every time they shop through Drops.

Al-Abdul-Ghafoor added that the coming period will witness the launch of many offers that satisfy all groups within the markets in which Drops operates, which today include Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, provided that it expands to include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the next two months, noting that these expansions appear The great confidence that the founders of “Drops” place, and their continuous keeping abreast of developments in the e-commerce sector throughout the region.

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