Dream of another world

Dream of another world

The Untied

by Sandrine Roudaut

The salty sea, 374 p., 21 €

This unique book plunges the reader into the near future, in which we recognize certain shortcomings of our current society: dependence on digital technology, unreasonable exploitation of natural resources, “consumption-consolation”, etc. But a handful of women, who chose a word of their choice as their first name (Silk, Mù, Sudan, etc.), will be at the origin of a vast movement intended to renew the imaginations, even if it means showing disobedience in the face of the established order. In that future, the nights turned dark again, bringing back birds and stars, social networks disappeared overnight, digital photo-taking was rationed, and an artificial intelligence nicknamed Big Mother forces them, for example, to elected to honor their promises. A ZAD (zone to be defended) even grew in the middle of Paris. In this district, the car is definitively banned, the bitumen transformed into greenery and the barter between inhabitants generalized… An abundant utopia.


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