Downtown Enrichment Season with 6 tracks in the first edition

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture launches the “Ithraa” season of “Enriching Downtown” in its first edition, through a series of various cultural and educational events, programs and activities, which start in 6 tracks, which are: “Savor, shop, market, explore, learn and play. », Which aims to develop the fields of creativity, culture and arts and create a creative environment full of experiences and activities, in addition to exploring unique crafts and skills, through innovatively designed activities, to make a positive and tangible impact on the individual and society.

Constant renewal

The season aims to provide an opportunity for visitors and interested people of different age groups to experience unique experiences in several different paths, which contribute to the development of aspects of creativity and continuous renewal in the fields of thought, culture and innovation, as the center is a platform where talents are gathered to learn, experience and share ideas, through creative programs and activities , Which will be part of a series of preventive efforts and precautionary measures.

Creative works

The season includes cultural, entertaining and interactive activities and activities, various training courses and a bunch of knowledge games, in addition to the opening of a group of restaurants in the center’s outdoor food court, a cinema that displays various films for families, artistic and interactive works by international artists, and a group of studios that host workshops. And various knowledge activities, in addition to organizing a varied and monthly renewed bazaar full of clothes, accessories and souvenirs, which gives visitors the pleasure of knowing. Enriching the community

The center aims to enrich the Saudi society, by providing quality initiatives and programs for all segments of society, based on creating distinguished knowledge content, and providing broad experiences for visitors, through creative, scientific and cultural programs and activities, as “Ithraa” is a prominent cultural platform that enhances the importance of meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Enriching Downtown Paths







Goals at the Ithra Center:

Providing quality initiatives and programs for all segments of society

Reliance on creating distinguished cognitive content

Offer extensive visitor experiences

Providing creative, scientific and cultural programs and activities

Promote the importance of meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas


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