Downton Abbey sets sail for the Riviera for his second film “full of good feelings”

A trailer of A new era shows the holidays of the aristocratic Crawley with their servants. And reveals a secret part of the life of the sarcastic grandmother played by Maggie Smith.

Better come back to Downton Abbey to leave. A secret jealously guarded by creator Julian Fellowes, the plot of the second film from the cult English series has finally been revealed a little over a promising trailer. Downton Abbey: a new era, which will be released in March 2022, offers aristocratic Crawley and their loyal servants an extravagant vacation to the south of France, on the Riviera, thanks to an unexpected inheritance.

The owners of the august Yorkshire mansion have learned from their revered and sarcastic grandmother, the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith, mischievous as day one), that a male acquaintance bequeathed her a villa on the Riviera .

In front of her descendants, taken aback by her announcement, she urges them to speculate on this secret part of her existence. Broadcast for six seasons, between 2010 and 2015 on the British channel ITV, Downton abbey had briefly mentioned an affair between young Violet Crawley and a member of the Russian Imperial Court.

Nathalie Baye and Jonathan Zaccaï from the game

The clan matriarch appears to be in good shape, despite being diagnosed with an incurable disease at the end of the first film, released in 2019. Downton Abbey: a new era takes place several months after the 1927 royal visit that preoccupied the Crawleys in the original feature film. ” The closer we got to the late 1920s, the more the world changed, from transportation to entertainment. It is this reality that Downton Abbey: a new era. The eldest daughter of Count Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is now the one in charge ”, comments Julian Fellowes. It promises a feature film full of “Good feelings” , like the previous one. It had brought in nearly $ 200 million in revenue to Universal.

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The first images confirm that the youngest daughter of Count Edith has given birth to her second child. The former Irish driver of the Tom Branson family, who had married the youngest Crawleys, who died in childbirth, remarried the young heiress and distant relative of the Crawleys, whom George V met during a visit to the estate. A union actively encouraged by Violet Crawley, always on the front line to increase the heritage of her family!

This escapade on the Côte d’Azur allows this adventure to welcome French actors Nathalie Baye, who will play a witty French aristocrat, and Jonathan Zaccaï from Legends office. The duo will find the original cast of the soap opera: Michelle Dockery, Imelda Staunton, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter. While the Crawleys are resting in the Mediterranean, a newcomer appears to be bringing trouble to Downton in the guise of Laura Haddock. Behind the camera is director Simon Curtis (My Week with Marylin). Elizabeth McGovern’s husband is a regular at historical fiction.

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