Dokhi is the best actor in the first official Saudi film at the Cairo Festival (video)

Saudi actor Faisal Dokhi won the Best Actor award for the Saudi film “Hadd Al-Tar” at the closing ceremony of the 42nd edition of the Cairo International Film Festival, and by obtaining this award, Dokhi is the first Saudi actor to receive the Best Actor award at the Cairo International Film Festival since its inception. The first Arab international festival

The Cairo International Film Festival is the first international film festival in the Arab world, and the festival’s prizes are: Best Film Award (Golden Pyramid), Jury Prize (Silver Pyramid), Best Actress Award (Princess Bukit Aton’s Bust), Best Actor Award (Statue of Minister Ayman Hatab ), The best director award (King Akhenaten statue), the best screenplay award, the first and second best work (Naguib Mahfouz statue) and awarded by the director’s jury, the best artistic creativity award (awarded by the jury to the director), and the best Arab film award (100 thousand pounds introduction From the Ministry of Culture). Saudi director Sarah Misfer received a certificate of appreciation for the movie “Who Burns the Night”, and she gave the honor to her mother.

Combine joy and sadness

“Hadd Al-Tar” is the first Saudi film to participate in the official competitions of the International Festival, and it is directed by Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Shalahi, who won the festival’s special jury prize.

The events of the story reveal the “Sa’af” neighborhood, the popular neighborhood in the corridors of the capital, Riyadh, where brown-skinned people of all nationalities and genders live, and the story enters the worlds of that poor neighborhood in Saudi Arabia. “Shama”, Taqqa’s daughter, has a group that works to revive celebrations and tries to intensify work on her group to be able to collect a blood money that eliminates “Sorour” of her nephew from carrying out the death sentence. What arouses the jealousy of “Dail” Ibn al-Sayyaf when “she decides to work with her mother to collect the blood money of her ex-lover, so he agrees to his uncle’s request to replace his father’s sword to work in the execution of death sentences, hoping that his death sentences will give him an opportunity to implement him.” .

A different start

On winning the award, Dokhi said: “The Cairo Festival is the largest Arab festival, and participation in this festival is a cause for pride, so how if the film participates in the competition and is chosen as an opening film for the AFAC Arab Film Competition? We are very happy with this achievement, and praise be to God, the film won two awards, the Special Jury Prize and the Best Acting Performance award.

Al-Dokhi added: Since the beginning of the preparation for the airport border with director Abdulaziz Al-Shalahi and writer Mafrej Al-Mujfal, he mentioned that he will put all the efforts of the past ten years into it, and praise be to God, the dream has come true, as the critics and attendees greatly admired the film. A completely new alternative to him in the field of art after this award, and it will be ten years different from his predecessors.


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