Documentation of 1800 visual cultural items in Al-Ahsa

Youssef Al-Khamis, head of the Heritage and Folklore Committee at the branch of the Saudi Arab Society for Culture and Arts in Al-Ahsa, formerly Director of the Main Office for Youth Welfare in Al-Ahsa, Youssef Al-Khamis, inaugurated yesterday evening a YouTube channel on the Internet, aiming to document 1800 “visible” cultural articles in Al-Ahsa over The past 40 years.

Documentation difficulties

On the sidelines of the inauguration, Thursday revealed to Al-Watan about 5 difficulties it faced in documenting, namely: “the lack of availability of appropriate devices and equipment to convert them into computer programs, the scarcity of specialists in dealing with some modern technologies, and the high total cost of converting tapes into computer programs, The retrieval and collection of old tapes and recordings of cultural activities in Al-Ahsa, and the difficulty of converting old video systems.

He explained that the materials uploaded on the channel include literary, plastic, theatrical and poetic activities (al-Fusha and Nabati), folk arts, folk games, folklore, and Al-Ahsa’s participation in the Janadriyah Festival, scouts, trips and camps, and stated that he intends to implement a package of development programs in the coming period, In conjunction with the increase in the number of followers, and access to the interest of followers in increasing visual cultural materials, stressing his total refusal to withdraw any clip or material in the channel in the event that the owner who appeared in the clip refuses, considering that all the materials are cultural.

Archived 40 Years

In turn, the director of the association, Ali Al-Ghwainem, during his speech at the inauguration, stressed the importance of the channel for statisticians in particular, and Saudis in general, because it contains many programs, including social life in Al-Ahsa over 40 years, which have been documented with simple tools and devices, and Thursday contributed It has a great contribution to monitoring and photography, as it is a reference for all, and it proves to everyone that Al-Ahsa is rich in cultural and social activities and activities, with the assurance that the continuation of these activities is not a coincidence, but rather large accumulations of professors and specialists in those activities and programs.

Announcing the association’s readiness to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Culture and Arts Society in Al-Ahsa during the coming period, and many paper documents, video and audio recordings have been archived, and the association intends to launch another YouTube channel documenting the association’s activities and programs over the past 50 years, and it will be available to all.


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