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Listen to November 13 on Samu’s side

In the mass of all that is published or broadcast on the occasion of the opening of the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015, this podcast deserves special attention. France Info had access to the recordings of the calls received that night by the Paris Samu. From a total of 13 hours of tapes, the journalists produced a fascinating and overwhelming montage. What impresses the most: the professionalism of those who receive the calls and immediately take action.

Podcast on listening platforms and on France Info:

45 minutes

Admire the work of Christo

In 1961, three years after their meeting, Christo and Jeanne-Claude began to create monumental works. The idea of ​​packaging the Arc de Triomphe was born that same year. Sixty years later, the project finally saw the light of day, exhibited from September 18 to October 3 in Paris. Made of 25,000 square meters of fabric and 3,000 meters of ropes, this final work by Christo, who died on May 31, 2020, is a form of tribute to the couple, as it is emblematic of their specialty. Between the Pont-Neuf and the Pont-au-Change, a photographic exhibition also traces their works, Umbrellas in Japan to Floating jetties in Italy.

1 hour

Get on a small bike

When he is not illustrating the pages of La Croix L’Hebdo, you can come across Clod freewheeling in the streets of Paris… and this month on display at the bookshop De beaux tomorrows in Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis), which offers as a bonus a meeting with Stein van Oosteren, porte- word of the Vélo Île-de-France collective and author of the book Why not the bike? (illustrated by Clod, of course). The illustrator had brightened up the cover of number 13 of Weekly, for the dossier “Can we save the planet by riding a bicycle?” “. As if by chance.

1 h 30 min

Change skin

The title of the book announces the color: I’m black but I’m not complaining, I could have been a woman. It is under the sign of humor – which sometimes creaks – that Mahi Traoré has chosen to recount her experience as a black woman in France, and a high school principal, what is more! The recurring questions about her origin (which she likes to answer “Swedish”), condescension, countless clumsiness, cumbersome clichés that stick to the skin of black women… She confides everything, without tongue in cheek, in this touching and enlightening testimony.

Robert Laffont, 234 p., € 19

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Question the theories of collapse

In the documentary film Once you know, in theaters on Wednesday September 22, director Emmanuel Cappellin shares his quest for meaning and the weight of his reflection. Camera in hand, he takes us to meet speaker Pablo Servigne, engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici or researcher Susanne Moser to warn of the risks of environmental and societal collapses that threaten our current structures. What social fabric to recreate? By what collective energy? Divisive, sometimes distressing, but always rigorous, the narrative addresses a range of themes. From energy breakdown to altruism, to breathe life into “A vital need for new narratives”.

2 hours

Try some design

Does design speak to you? The France Design Week event wants to put this multifaceted discipline within the reach of the greatest number thanks to meetings planned throughout the country until the end of September. Exhibition on the re-use of industrial leather in Tours, diversion of street furniture in Lyon, discovery of culinary design in Strasbourg …

2 h 30 min

Take off

Jean Le Cam, the sailor and hero of the Vendée Globe, confides in journalist Jean-Louis Le Touzet during a discussion. This results in a book of dialogues where a man “Normal” who achieves extraordinary things speaks with his customary verve of the sea, the family, sailing, racing and sailors.

Yes we Cam!, by Jean Le Cam and Jean-Louis Le Touzet, Seuil, 171 p., € 16.90

One week

Move smoothly

Organized each year from September 16 to 22, European Mobility Week aims to encourage citizens and communities to use more environmentally friendly means of transport. Many cities in France are putting sustainable mobility in the spotlight this year: the community of municipalities of the Pays de Lumbres (Pas-de-Calais) offers a discovery of local producers by electric bike when, in Saint-Malo, public transport. common are free for a week. And to find out how a car-free city is possible, celebrate September 19 as World Car Free Day by watching the “Special Envoy” report in Pontevedra, Spain, where the pedestrian is king. (keyword: pontevedra)


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