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Treat yourself to a “Crunch”

On Saturday March 13, it’s the crisp France-England Six Nations Tournament, the annual meeting for fans of the oval ball. A match not quite like the others, that specialists call the “Crunch”, literally cracking or screeching. A matter of supremacy between the two European powers which is regulated on the green rectangle, with tests, drops, and sometimes punches, under the secrecy of the fray. This story can be found in the formidable documentary of France 2: The Crunch, a whole story.

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Take a tour of the office

Are you on forced telework, on sick leave, retiree, vacationer, and do you miss the office atmosphere? This Swedish site recreates the soundscape of corporate life: ringing phones, tapping keyboards, purring printers, discussions with colleagues, triggering a coffee machine … The advantage, compared to real office life, is is that we can adjust the volumes! A fun initiative that asks a crucial question: when they return to the office in the near future, will employees want to listen to the sound of teleworking?

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Track your waste

Recycle, recycle you say. March 18 is World Waste Sorting Day. But what happens to your yellow trash cans and how are they transformed? CityDebarras, a small, precise and educational podcast, reviews the techniques in use for storage rooms, used industrial products, batteries, scrap metal. It was pointed out in passing that it sometimes took decades to find how to recycle the latest findings from the industry.

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Find out what the pi is for

It has tortured generations of college students and has fascinated mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and poets for more than 4,000 years. Pi is the ratio between the perimeter of a circle and its diameter. This number which never ends and in which we find infinity of combinations officially has its day, Pi Day, every March 14 in the United States. It is found in many formulas in physics, engineering and, of course, mathematics.

Listen to the podcast “L’Odyssée de Pi” on

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Savor the words

From March 13 to 21, it’s French Language and Francophonie Week. Many events are planned, all over the world and around the corner, on site or remotely. In the program we find, for example, a poetic walk in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, a dictation in Belgian language in Paris, a literary café in Gisors, Burkinabe tales on the site of the University of Grenoble Alpes …

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Gain altitude

Shailee Basnet, the featured mountaineer in “The Day I Made a Promise on Everest” (La Croix L’Hebdo February 27-28), is one of the heroines of a book released this winter, The Nepalese of Everest. When ascension rhymes with emancipation, by Éditions Glénat (208 p., € 15.95). Sociologist Anne Benoit-Janin portrays eight Nepalese mountaineers in a very accessible writing style, in the style of reportage. This story partly takes us behind the scenes of a film by the same author, The Beautiful Flights. Here’s how to make two discoveries in one!

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Immerse yourself in the brain

The brain is well worth a week (at least!). To get to know him better, Brain Week offers, from March 15 to 21, an extensive program, to be followed widely on the Internet. Lectures and debates are offered on themes as varied as emotions, addictions, sleep, cognitive biases, memory disorders…

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Open wide!

Who wants to go to the dentist? Not many people, in truth. Who wants to read about dentists? Not so much more. However, the work On the teeth deserves that we look at it. The original survey conducted by Olivier Cyran auscultates the deplorable state of our dental care system, so unequal that it gave rise to the term ” without teeth “to qualify the excluded poorly treated, or even not treated at all. From patient testimonials to dentists’ confidences, from high-end practices to health centers low cost, the author signs an incisive work, which shows to what extent “The tooth is a political object”.

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