Diwali pollutes the air of New Delhi

New Delhi woke up yesterday, amid a dense cloud of pollution, from crackers and fireworks, which the population fired overnight on the occasion of the “Diwali” holiday, which made the air more and more unfit for breathing.

The Indian judiciary had issued a decision banning the use of firecrackers and fireworks during the celebrations of Diwali, which is the festival of lights for Hindus, given that residents are already facing the Corona virus, and the air pollution that looms over the city every year.

But the city was buzzing with fireworks during part of the night, and intermittently, on Sunday morning.

The government agency “SAFAR”, the “Prediction and Air Quality Research System,” announced that “general air quality is classified under the” dangerous “category this morning.

But she added that the blowing of winds over the capital and the “scattered rain” that is expected during the day, will contribute to the purification of the atmosphere.

At the start of each winter, New Delhi’s population of about 20 million suffers from massive clouds of pollution that ravage their city, caused by a mixture of fumes from surrounding agricultural fires, exhaust gases and industrial emissions. This mixture collects over the capital due to cold temperatures and light winds.


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