Discreet about Abu Zahra’s health

The family of the able artist Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra is secretive about his health condition and refuses to make any statements about it.

The family refused to reveal the details of the developments in his health, and did not confirm or deny what was reported during the past hours that he was re-entered the hospital again a few days after leaving it, as the musician Ahmed Abu Zahra, and his sister Mai, refused to confirm or deny the rumors about the return of their father, to the hospital. After his health condition deteriorated, they indicated that the family decided not to speak at the present time until they are reassured.

And the artist, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, left the hospital last Sunday, returning to his home after a long period in the hospital that exceeded 30 days, during which he stayed in the intensive care, after an urgent surgery.

His health condition

Last March, the artist suffered a health crisis after falling to the ground in his house, and in April he was transferred to the hospital, but his condition deteriorated and he was transferred to another hospital, he underwent pelvic surgery, and he fell into a coma until he regained consciousness again, and he was discharged from the hospital before April 22 He was unable to eat normally.

On April 24, he returned to the hospital again, only two days after leaving it, and he was booked in the intensive care room, and his family refused to make any press statements in light of the deterioration of the situation, and by last Sunday, May 15, it was announced that he had been discharged from the hospital and returned home, And there were reports during the past hours that he was transferred again to the intensive care unit, suffering from pneumonia.


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