Discharge procedures for psychiatric patients against medical advice

The Ministry of Health revealed that there are procedures that allow a psychiatric patient to leave against medical advice, whenever there is no risk factor for him or if entry is voluntary, and his family can submit a request to release him according to the form designated for that, and upon submitting the request, the discharge unit official checks the identity of the applicant and the extent of his eligibility his request.

Fill out forms

The treatment team must clarify the importance of completing the treatment program, and the effects that result from the patient’s discharge, against the medical advice of the applicant, and upon insisting on this, the official fills out the relevant form, sending it to the treating team in the patient’s inpatient ward.

The head of the treating team makes sure that the patient does not meet the conditions of compulsory admission, which are stated in Article Thirteen of the mental health care system, and the treating team makes a medical decision regarding the request, either by approval or rejection, with the reason, and in the event that the treating team does not agree On the request for discharge against medical advice, the officer of the discharge unit informs the applicant of the opinion of the treating team regarding his request, and directs him to review the treating team to clarify the reasons for this.

In the event that the treating team approves the request for discharge against the medical advice, the discharge unit official completes the data according to the form designated for receiving the drug, receiving the appointment and the deposits, taking the signature of the patient’s relatives to receive the patient, and that the discharge is at their request, and in the event of refusal to sign, this is documented By two employees, preferably the doctor and the direct nurse of the case. The reason for the refusal is mentioned, and the exit official signs the form, and delivers it to the nurse to keep it in the patient’s file.

Patient transfer mechanism

The Ministry of Health has developed a modern mechanism for referring patients to psychiatric clinics, by doctors in outpatient clinics within health facilities, due to what the treating doctor sees as the patient’s need for psychiatric services, according to the model in force in the facility in the internal departments. The referral is by the treating physician when He sees the need for the hypnotized patient to consult a psychiatrist or when there is a history of mental illness, and the evaluation of the case is done in the clinic or in the hypnosis departments according to the patient’s condition.

different clinics

Transfer from the psychiatrist to the different clinics inside the hospital, with the aim of conducting examination and analysis to exclude the psychiatric patient from any organic diseases, according to an approved internal referral form, or in the event that the patient has a chronic organic disease and needs follow-up, or any other reason the psychiatrist sees.

Specialized Clinics

Transfer to specialized psychiatric clinics, in general hospitals or psychiatric complexes, according to reference and geographical distribution in the same area, with the aim of obtaining more psychiatric examinations, or pharmacological treatments that are not available in the hospital, and transferring for the purpose of hypnosis in one of the psychiatric hypnosis departments in public hospitals that are closer geographically If it is available, or it is in the nearest mental health complex, in the event the patient needs to complete his assessment and treatment, the transfer shall be according to a transfer form in which the diagnosis, initial assessment, and the necessary medical details are shown in accordance with the applicable professional principles.


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