Disbursing one million riyals to 763 beneficiaries of those working in directed transport

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” has finished disbursing support to 763 beneficiaries of workers who meet the conditions of the transfer support program for the month of March 2021, at an amount of (1,013,522) riyals.

“Hadaf” is currently working on completing the verification procedures necessary to disburse the support for the month of April 2021, within the next few days.

The recently launched self-employment program in directed transport comes in accordance with a memorandum of understanding concluded earlier by “Goal” with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Public Transport Authority, and the Future Work Company, with the aim of expanding support and qualification of the national workforce and their participation in the labor market, in line with With the goals of the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the fund provides monthly support to the beneficiaries of the program of up to 2,400 riyals per month for a period of up to 24 calendar months from the date of the launch of the program. It also provides incentive support in the amount of 3000 riyals every six months to the beneficiary who continues to meet the required performance requirements.

And about the steps and stages of benefiting from the program, “Hadaf” stated that the job seeker’s journey passes through several stages: registration in one of the applications approved by the Public Transport Authority, issuing a free work document from the self-employment platform, and submitting a request for support through the National Labor Portal “Taqat”, and the monthly verification of the fulfillment of the performance criteria, provided that in the last stage the amount of the support is deposited into the beneficiary’s account.

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