Disavowal throws homeless in the streets

In a recurring tragic scene, “Al-Watan” spotted a homeless citizen whose features appear to be in his fifties, accompanying the alleys and roads of Al-Arbaeen Street in the Jabal Al-Nour neighborhood in the Holy Capital, which constituted a negative reflection of passers-by and residents of the neighborhood, and became a sleepless obsession in light of the lack of adoption The relevant authorities concerned with embracing the case, despite the multiplicity of reports to extricate the homeless from his situation.

waste containers

According to eyewitnesses to the displaced, one of the residents of the neighborhood named Muhammad Saleh stated that the homeless person has been in the neighborhood for two and a half years, and feeds from time to time from waste containers, and often sleeps next to them, and at other times he sleeps in one of the lands designated for the parking lot and next to the trees of the neighborhood’s roads On the same level, he pointed out that the residents of the neighborhood submitted several reports to the security authorities, and when the case is received, he comes to the neighborhood two days after the report was submitted.

unfortunate scenes

He added that the homeless is present on a daily basis next to the neighborhood’s commercial centers, and begs passersby for help in the absence of a concerned party adopting his health or social status, noting that his condition deserves to be surrounded, especially as he walks in the streets and streets with worn out clothes and the smell of neglect accumulated on him, And up to the case to relieve himself in front of passers-by and the neighborhood walkers.


On the other hand, a source revealed that the psychological conditions in the Holy Capital suffer from dispersion between the official authorities that are supposed to contain them or provide services to them.

provide aid

The source noted that if the cases are in a state of awareness in terms of the possibility of communicating with them, they are referred to charities to provide aid to them and provide housing provided that they are able to take care of themselves and be fully aware, indicating at the same time that examples of such cases are many, including, for example It is not limited to the case of an elderly person over the age of sixty who has a motor disability and suffers from a mental illness, and is lying in a room in a garage in one of the buildings on Sixty Street in the Holy Capital, and there is no one to take care of him, in light of his children’s complaint about their inability to take care of him, and when he is taken to the Health Hospital The psychiatrist is refused admission, and they are satisfied with dispensing some psychedelic drugs and taking him out of the hospital to return to his room amidst a pile of waste.


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