Disabled for 32 years, health authorities demand that he take care of it

Hospitals witness painful stories due to various traffic accidents. Young people of the age of flowers lost their lives, and others were subjected to lifelong disabilities, including Salem Ibrahim Al-Sairi, one of the victims of accidents that left him bedridden for 32 years, who is demanding health affairs to take care of him and visit him, and to provide a nurse in his home in the migration of Al-Akhashim, which is 35 kilometers from Sharurah On the road to Kharkhir, from time to time, due to the fact that he has special needs, and to provide him with medicines and devices.

Incident details

Al-Sayari tells the details of the incident, saying: “A serious traffic accident in 1410 in a Gulf country, when I was 24 years old, caused a spinal cord injury and the 5, 6 and 7 vertebrae, which led to quadriplegia.” He added: “I was admitted for 40 days in one of its hospitals, then I was transferred to Jeddah, where I lay in Al-Salama Hospital for 6 months. After that, I was transferred to Sharurah General Hospital, and I stayed there for a week.

He pointed out that his brother is the one who brings medicine to him. As for the Association for the “Support for People with Disabilities” in Sharurah, it gave him an electric chair, in addition to a food basket from the “Al-Barr” Association in Al-Akhashim per month, and 1000 riyals irregularly.


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