Diriyah Gate: 450 high-end brands that provide unique shopping options for visitors

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority announced its future vision for the Diriyah Square project as the commercial center and the beating heart of Diriyah Gate, which is scheduled to open in 2024.

This vital and huge project is the icon of Diriyah Gate Development Authority projects, based on its unique elements of attractions and luxurious modern lifestyles. It allows the residents and visitors of Diriyah to enjoy a distinguished lifestyle and a variety of options in entertainment and entertainment, as well as luxury hotels, workplaces and other facilities and services.

The Commission’s vision for Diriyah Square was based on three main foundations: origin, fate, and place. Inspired by originality, the field is decorated with Najd architecture that expresses the depth and heritage of Saudi culture. In light of the future vision of the fate of the place, expressing contemporary and keeping pace with modernity associated with the changes of civil life was essential in the architecture of The project meets the aspirations of the new generations and their need for an advanced and multi-characteristic lifestyle, with attractive streets and lanes, open squares and shopping activities available around the clock.

In the long term, the project aims to celebrate the local community and elevate the societal, cultural and historical aspect of the place while linking it to the authentic Saudi heritage.

The CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Jerry Anzerillo, confirmed that the authority, since its establishment in 2017, has been attracting the most experienced real estate professionals in the world to the Kingdom in general and to the Diriyah Gate project in particular, indicating that the project is in line with the objectives of the Quality of Life Program as one of the most important programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 , to achieve its objectives towards a vibrant society and a prosperous economy to improve the quality of life in the context of the diverse opportunities the project includes for a modern life with wide choices and multiple styles, and what it provides for artistic, cultural, recreational and environmental activities and events.

In turn, the head of a company affiliated with the authority, Jonathan Timms, explained that the Diriyah project, with its distinction at the global level, is a qualitative opportunity for retail stores, brands and operators to establish their entities in the Diriyah field. He pointed out that every effort is being made to ensure the perfect location for brands and the best customer experience.

It is noteworthy that construction work on the Diriyah Square project began in 2019, and the project is progressing according to its scheduled schedule, with a view to completion before the opening date in 2024.

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