Differences between Instagram Live & Clubhouse

Since its beta launch in early 2020, Clubhouse has attracted more than 8 million users with its voice-based app and left other social media giants, like Twitter and Facebook, scrambling to keep up.

And its latest competitor is Instagram, which later this month launched “Live Rooms”, which enables users to add others to the live broadcast for a total of four instead of the current two. Here are the main differences to know between Instagram Live and Clubhouse rooms.

The number of people

Clubhouse broke his record when he found Elon Musk speaking in a chat and the number of participants reached the maximum. The Clubhouse rooms can accommodate up to 5,000 participants, while the Instagram Live Rooms will only allow four. Although only four people might chat during Instagram Live Room, there is a way more to the number of viewers who can join broadcasts.

Instagram viewers can also jump in comments to speak with broadcasters in real time or share a fan emoji. While the difference in the number of participants is large, you could argue, 5,000 people talking at a time is a lot anyway.

Broadcast time

Instagram Live Rooms lets you broadcast for up to four hours, while Clubhouse chats have no time limit – which could be a good or bad thing depending on who you’re listening to.

Camera features

At this point, you know that Clubhouse only uses audio for users to communicate with each other. Instagram Live Rooms not only offer audio but the broadcast will be on camera and they have the option to add filters. Instagram Live broadcasters will also be able to add photos to their live broadcasts to show their viewers. Instead of “the audience raising their hands” to participate in the chat, Instagram contains a comment box so you can interact with the speakers using various tools from emojis to emotional reactions.

Access to your content

Clubhouse strictly prohibits any external recording in sound rooms. Although the company stated that it would occasionally record chats in order to check for any incidents, such as harassment, that might conflict with its users’ guidelines. Clubhouse users also cannot access their content once it is registered. On the other hand, Instagram allows you to download and upload live broadcasts to IGTV and share with friends.


Rooms accommodate up to 5,000 participants

Conversations have no specific time

– Voice is only used for users to communicate with each other

The audience raises their hands to participate in the chat

– Any external recording in sound rooms is strictly prohibited

Instagram Live Rooms

Only four rooms are allowed

It lets you broadcast for up to four hours

– Not only offer audio but broadcast will be on camera with option to add filters

– The ability to add photos to the live broadcast to display it to viewers

– Instagram has even comment box

– To be able to interact with the speakers

– Allows to download and upload live broadcasts to IGTV and share with friends


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